How to Manage Your Business Social Media Accounts

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Social media marketing is a must-have for any business these days. As a small business owner, you may want to know how you can manage your corporate accounts without becoming a full-time social media slave. Here are a few things that you should do each day to manage your accounts effectively without making social media an all-consuming job:   Check For Mentions Reply to all comments and questions that are directed at your brand. People expect social media accounts to respond to their customer service queries within a few hours (not days) so this should be something you do at least once a day.   Check for Related Content Search for your brand name and relevant industry hashtags so that you can join the conversation. This will also keep you in the loop about newsworthy things happening in the market and you can use this information to boost your content marketing strategy.   Schedule Updates If you’re only spending a few minutes to reply to mentions and check news, then you need to schedule social media updates throughout the day. Tools such as and Hootsuite let you schedule posts in advance so that you don’t have to login and post content multiple times a day or week. Make sure you are posting a variety of unique as well as curated content to keep your followers engaged.   Incorporate Multi-Media The type of content you post will depend on the social media platforms you are using. Make sure you aren’t only posting written content but that you are also linking to videos, infographics and share-worthy images.   Need help with your social media marketing? Then contact WSI OMS today. Please follow and like...

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Social Media for Business Tips

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You’ve probably heard about how Social Media can help grow your business, however, if you’re not a tech fundi then Social Media Marketing can become confusing. Social Networking godsends like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have become excellent lead generation and brand awareness tools and they provide a quick and affordable way to market your business. The aim of this post is to highlight some tips you can use to make the most of the Social Networking buzz. Facebook for Business Tips Most of Facebook’s marketing solutions for businesses are free making this Social Network the perfect platform if you don’t have much of a marketing budget. Start your Facebook advertising campaign by creating a page. Once you have created your Facebook Fan Page you can use it to expand your marketing initiatives by using the “Connect” feature – this connects your Facebook page to your website. Have a Facebook group running in conjunction with your Fan Page and invite people to join. The great thing about Facebook groups is that your members open discussions and create all the content you need. However, be sure to monitor the conversation and try to respond. Read more about Social Media Public Relations and Damage Control. Facebook also offers paid-for premium advertising. This enables you to target individuals who are a match for your brand. Just click the advertising link at the bottom of any Facebook page to find out more. Twitter for Business Tips Twitter is a mini Blogging, cross-platform friendly Social Media site and it allows you to share with your followers “What’s Happening”. Your Twitter posts (Tweets) are limited to 140 characters so they don’t have a very long shelf-life. So if you’re going to engage with Twitter then be sure to Tweet regularly and do not allow your account to become a white elephant. Twitter is ideal for posting announcements, advertising promotions, and linking to interesting industry news. It can help you become a Thought Leader if you update regularly as your followers see you as the guru about all the things connected to your line of work. Always include a prominent Call-to-Action in your Tweets and be sure to add a Twitter button to your website. LinkedIn for Business Tips LinkedIn is a business focussed Social Network. It is best used to: Develop business relationships Recruit Connect with other like-minded workers Get referrals Please follow and like...

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Social Media Public Relations and Damage Control

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Unlike traditional media (radio, TV, print) Social Media encourages a conversation scenario between customers and organisations. On the whole, the open conversation that Social Media channels have allowed for between business-consumer, consumer-business, and consumer-consumer is a good thing. It allows for the formation of more personal relationships between the man-in-the-street and the previously inaccessible corporate. However, if you’re running a business Social Media account it is inevitable that you’re going to get some negative feedback at some point. What’s worse is that everyone else that follows you is going to be able to see that there is a discrepancy. There is a few recovery steps you can practice so that you can diffuse the situation when it happens. Identifying the Type of Feedback Start by identifying the type of negative feedback you’ve received. There are four types of negative feedback you can receive on Social Media. Normal Problems – A customer has a problem with your product or service and has highlighted exactly what’s wrong. Although this is negative feedback, it is warranted and can help expose areas in your business that need to be looked at. Constructive Criticism – Some people will complain on your Social Media but will offer a solution to the problem they encountered. View these kind of comments as a kind of ‘Suggestion Box’ that is helpful rather than a nasty stab at your business. Merited Attack – An issue with your organisations product or service has made a customer very angry. They have decided to have a public vent on your Social Media. While the words they use may be scathing, their complaint is justified. Spam Attacks – You will be attacked on your Social Media channels for no valid reason. It is usually done in an effort to promote a competing product or service. Reacting to Negative Comments and Practicing Damage Control in Social Media Figure out what kind of feedback you’ve received by referring to the list above. Once you’ve done this you need to figure out how to respond politely and swiftly. The number one rule when responding to criticism in Social Media, even the negative type, is to stay positive. Responding to: Normal Problems – Always respond as quickly as you can to these queries. I believe it’s best to respond publicly (on your Social Media) and personally if you’re able to. If the problem has an extended timeline in order to be rectified then keep the customer (s) up to date with progress reports. Constructive Criticism – This also deserves a polite response even if you don’t plan on using the customers’ suggestion. You’ll build loyalty and trust by responding in a positive, thankful tone rather than ignoring...

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Reasons why your Business Social Media efforts aren’t giving you results

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You heard about the Social Media buzz and what it could do for your business so you decided to get involved, after all it’s free marketing. However, 6 months down the line and the Social Media sites you’ve signed up with aren’t rendering the kind of results you would’ve liked. In this post I’ll outline a few points that could be contributing to the lagging results of your Social Media efforts. It is important to remember that Social Media is a powerful business tool that is still in its infancy. You need to start leveraging it in the right way in order to give you the results you desire and not be left behind. Business Social Media Mistakes You’re not using your Social Media enough. If you’re not going online on at least a weekly basis then you’re wasting your time having a Social Media account for your business. People will follow if you show signs that you are there often. You don’t respond to queries, complaints and compliments. In order to leverage the power of Social Media you have to interact with your followers and the people you follow. Don’t be self-centred – Listen and contribute to the discussion. This helps you build up a good online rapport. You’re not being creative enough. If what you’re currently doing isn’t working then change tack. Be as creative as possible even if this means changing pictures, company bio and linking to unrelated ‘funnies’ on a regular basis. You could be using the wrong Social Media platform. Different Social Media networks attract different kinds of users. Do a little Internet research about Social Media trends and demographics (of which there is PLENTY) and find out which Social Networks your target audience is engaging with. You’re not doing enough to promote your Social Media accounts. Include link on your website (and even your email signature) that go to your Social Media accounts. Even if you’re a big corporate your market wants to know that they are using the same kind of Social Media platform as you. Read more about who should manage your Social Media account. Please follow and like...

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