5 reasons why you need to blog for business

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The South African and world economy is only now starting to climb out the slump it’s been in for years. Business blogging and other marketing techniques are helping companies to effectively stand out in a crowded marketplace, but there are still many companies who aren’t convinced as to the merits of blogging for business. As a 21st century company operating in a new technologically advanced world with tech savvy consumers, business blogging remains one of the best ways for a company to connect and engage with their prospects. Top reasons to start a business blog Here are 5 of the top reasons why you should be business blogging: Offer added value: There hasn’t ever been a time when consumers’ attention has ever been this scarce. Their suspicion of lazy marketing has also never been more acute. In this economy it is up to your company to deliver added value to your customers that your competitor isn’t. Using your blogging platform you can inform your consumers rather than promote to them. That is added value. Showcase the business’s personality: Your company and brand identity needs to be communicated to your consumers. Talk about stories relatable by anyone, like employees’ achievements or the way that the company went the extra mile. Boost your SEO success: Any company has the goal of being found easily online. Even though Google frequently updates its algorithms, they have said on many occasions that consistent posting of quality content with targeted keywords that’s relevant to your consumers will never go out of fashion. Why wouldn’t you listen to Google? Create open forum for consumers: A business blog provides a forum for feedback from your customers, which in this day and age is invaluable. Closing sales: Some studies have shown that when a customer read 30+ pages of self-published content, there is an 80% better chance of closing a sale. If you are looking to run a successful business blog that will help you to take your company to the next level, contact WSI today. Please follow and like...

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How to make sure your business blog succeeds

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When launching your very first business blog, there are many important aspects to consider to make sure it’s a success. A business blog is much different to most other blogs – you have to choose the correct tone and know how to communicate to your target market as well as get them involved (through posting comments and following your updates). So how do you do that? Tips to create a successful blog for your business Engage With The Audience: For many bloggers, it is difficult to understand how exactly to communicate with their audience. For business bloggers, this task can prove to be much more difficult. This is because you are trying to convey important information as well as promote yourself as a thought leader, all the while trying to keep readers’ attention. A great way to engage with your target audience is to include a relevant joke in every blog post or if you are able to write with wit, that can work too. Humour is a fantastic way to grab the audience’s attention. Just make sure you don’t end up unintentionally patronising or offending your readers. Be Authentic: When you start your business blog, you need to find your own writing voice. This is up to you, depending on what sort of business you are blogging about. In any case, make sure your voice fits with the general tone of what you’re trying to convey to readers. This helps the audience identify with the writer more and they will therefore be much more inclined to keep reading. Have An Opinion: By now, everyone knows that one of the most sure-fire ways to gain attention is by being controversial. So do this. Have an opinion and stick to it, but back up your arguments well and don’t come across rude, offensive or arrogant. A good way of keeping yourself from overstepping the boundaries is to encourage readers to participate in a small debate in the comment section. This not only gives great exposure but will further aid in engaging your audience. Be Fresh: This doesn’t mean you have to constantly reinvent the wheel. However, it is possible, and important, to keep your content up-to-date and to be the first to blog about unfolding relevant news . Have Fun:  Obviously this applies to all bloggers! But with a business blog, it is particularly important to maintain this aspect as for many, the content of business blogs can become rather dull. So for the sake of keeping the audience happy and entertained, have fun! Need help with your business blog? Contact WSI OMS! Please follow and like...

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Is your blog marketing strategy unfocused?

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Is your blog content marketing strategy unfocused or focused? If you have a blog for your business, should it have a purpose? The truth is, if you want good results from blogging, it should always reflect your business goals and work hand in hand with your social media and internet marketing strategy. Business blog marketing is not the same as personal blogging. In many instances personal blogs are a form of an online diary. Business blogs is a bit different and should be focused toward a specific purpose. This could be for building relationships, branding and engaging directly with your targeted audience. Find below a couple of reasons why unfocused blogging is not the way to go. Unfocused blogging Your visitors will be confused: Mixing various subjects will be hard to read and get a grip on what you are saying. A blog about weddings should not give advice on swimming pools. Readers will be less likely to return to a blog that discusses a variety of different topics. Brand building: Rambling and not getting to the point with your blog posts will show disorganization and a lack of focus. Readers will interpret this as someone who cannot stay on the topic. If branding yourself as the expert in your niche is important, then a focused and on topic blog is crucial. Search rankings: Aimlessly wandering blog posts confuses the search engines and they are not able to identify the topic and message of your business blog. An unfocused blog with unfocused content is unlikely to appear on the first page for the keywords you are after. If you are interested in creating a focused business blog, here’s a couple of benefits you can enjoy with one. Build up a loyal reader base Bring in targeted traffic Get regular returning visitors that are interested in what you have to say Connect with your target audience Become an industry expert Positive brand building Generate quality sales leads Get better organic search engine rankings The idea is simple, if you want good results with your business blog, plan and follow a focused plan for your blog. Please follow and like...

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How do we as online marketers cope with recessionery times?

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Coping in a recession allows for a whole new marketing tool set Rather then sticking our heads in the sand and denying that it exists despite numerous stories of negative growth I say lets gear our businesses to be lean, mean and actively seek marketing channels that not only work for your business but provide measurable ROI opportunities. The financial and credit markets are predictors of the future Any way you want to measure it, 2010/2011 will be a year of recession, possibly a big one. Does this mean go and hideout in a bunker until the clouds dissipate? If you do, this will be a mistake which you will regret for a very long time. Tough times call for action, not passivity. It calls for greater precision and targeting for the most efficient and ROI-driven strategies to maintain and improve your sales and profits. Yes, I said improve, even in a recession. The following from Emarketer was just released showing the estimates of online advertising spending growth: The doom and gloom crowd don’t believe these numbers and therefore won’t share them with you as we are here. According to a June McKinsey & Co. survey of 340 senior marketing executives worldwide. 91% are using online advertising, and over one-half indicate that their companies plan to maintain or exceed current levels where possible. Even more telling, 55% of marketers said they are cutting expenditures on traditional media, precisely in order to increase funding for online efforts. Why is this? Why do marketing experts believe that shifting precious marketing budgets online and taking away from the traditional media is the way to go? It all comes down to results. Here are the key reasons for the phenomenon: 1. The buyer is finding your website as a result of their personal initiative; all at a time and place of their choosing. Traditional media reach less than . 05% of their target market at enormous cost; this is the quintessential example of inefficiency and waste and cannot be tolerated by all those on a tight marketing budget. 2. The web is, more than anything else, an instrument of measurement. Therefore it is vastly more measurable and accountable than traditional methods. 3. The web is clearly more targeted and provides us much granularity as the buyer or the seller desires. The information is all there and always available. 4. The web is just simply gaining viewer time. Traditional media commercials are ignored or fast-forwarded using new technology. When online, viewers are in buyer mode when searching for a product or service; they have the confidence that the web / Google search will lead them to the right information, the right purchase at the...

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SEO strategy for business blogging

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Blogging is a two level marketing strategy. With a business blog, by writing unique informative blog posts you can reach a group of interested readers that traditional marketing and your website couldn’t reach. With a blog you can generate a tremendous number of valid backlinks to your website and blog. Blog links Blogging is a powerful linking strategy. If you add unique and fresh content on a regular basis, you will be rewarded by the search engines with a more frequent updating and spidering of your organic SEO results. Content is king. Not only in internet marketing, but with blog marketing as well. Usually, bloggers are generous linkers that will readily link back to the materials they have found. They can also create permanent links (permalinks) to their regularly read blogs from their home page. A typical blogger creates posts on a regular bases. Blog writers that reads and responds to these posts and find them interesting and relevant will usually link to the original link of the blog posting called a “permalink”. This can provide a valuable one way backlink to the blog in what is called ““deep linking”.” Deep linking helps the entire blog website be elevated in importance with organic SEO results. For blog marketing to be effective, the content must be fresh and interesting enough to attract readers and be good enough to get other bloggers to link to the postings. This is why blog postings are so highly valued by the search engines. Please follow and like...

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