How content marketing can save the day

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Content marketing can really help you not only acquire clients, but more so, keep them. It is an extremely important part of the online social media world, specifically integral in the world of bloggers. In order to do this correctly there are three key points to remember:Ensure the content which you are distributing is valuable. Ensure it is relevant. Finally make sure it is consistent.Above this however, here are a few more additional pointers on how to achiev

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Does your content marketing match your sales funnel?

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Blogs and pictures and videos are great – but at the end of the day, they need to serve a purpose. Some people might be interested in creating an army of a following, establishing themselves as an industry authority or taking on Justin Bieber as one of the top people to follow on Instagram. But most of us are executing a content marketing strategy in order to increase our bottom lines. One thing people fail to take into consideration is the type of content various

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Where to repurpose your content

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We’ve written about the pains and strife involved in getting your blogs out there. You create a candle-lit, calendar-inscribed event out of writing a blog post (because we know this doesn’t happen during the day when the phone is ringing and clients are breathing down your neck), you’ve shared it on social media and you’ve even gone to the effort of finding a relevant picture because you read that your “content needs visuals”. So now what? If you’re cr

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Growing your blog’s e-mail list

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In our last post we explained why any blogger should consider creating an e-mail list. The answer is plain and simple and in retrospect it could’ve been summed up in one sentence: because more people will read what you’re writing about. Regardless, we didn’t give you all the tips you need about creating a winning content marketing strategy to make sure that people actually sign up to receive e-mails from you, so here are a few tips to make this happen: Give aw

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Why bloggers need to create an e-mail list

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If you’re blogging your heart out and investing blood, sweat, tears and precious time creating blogs, then you obviously want them to be read. Posting a blog doesn’t magically make the post go viral and even sharing the blog post on social media doesn’t always give your blog the traction it needs (and deserves – as we just mentioned, these things take time). Creating an e-mail list for your blog is a must-have. If you’re sharing knowledge and opinions that

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