What you can expect with an optimized blogging strategy

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Blogging is a powerful way to get your business noticed online.  Blogging opens up a whole new realm than you would find with just a normal website. Blogging is part of the social media marketing sphere as engagement is encouraged with blogging. With internet marketing, the call to action (CTA) and promoting your services or products is the name of the game.  With Blog marketing, the goal is to engage, interact and converse with targeted visitors. Since the goals with blogging are so very different from traditional internet marketing, what results can your business expect from regularly posting fresh and unique blog posts? Optimized blogging strategy results New visitors: Interesting blog posts can reach new readers that are interested in your services or products.  These readers are usually different from the ones reading traditional advertising or even your business website. Build a network: You can build up brand recognition and authority for your company by regular writing interesting blog posts. You can build a strong following of readers who will know and understand what you stand for and who you are. Engagement: Your blog can build a market for your services or products by getting potential customers to understand how your services or products can solve any problems they might have. Give case stories of how your services are used and open up the comment section on your blog posts.  If your content is interesting and your readers find it useful, they might leave a comment and start engaging with you. Communication: Keep the lines of communication open between your customers and your company.  Customer service blogs enable the flow of conversation to travel in both directions and it can alert you to any issues your customers might have. This is an excellent way to listen to the queries your customers might have. Website rankings: Your blog can generate regular new keyword rich articles.  Attract Google’s interest by carefully using keywords and keyword phrases in the headlines of your blog posts. Using keywords in the text of your links is a powerful method to increase your website rankings. Please follow and like...

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How to build a career with blogging

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Blogging is a powerful way for businesses to interact and reach potential clients.  Blog marketing which is part of social media marketing is based on educating your readers with your expertise, opinions and your advice. With a blog, you are not selling directly.  It’s a powerful business tool that can be used for interacting and branding. Blogging is an effective way of expanding your social network and getting in front of targeted people that you couldn’t have reached or added to your network in any other way.  Blogging allows you to market yourself using various social media strategies. Did you know that with active blogging you can build a career? Find a couple of tips below on how you can build a career with blogging. Build a career with blogging Create a niche network: Create and optimize your blog that deals with your career.  By writing unique interesting content, comment on other related blogs, encouraging comments on your own blog, you can quickly develop your network. You can develop strong relationships by exchanging ideas faster than you ever could by exchanging business cards. Expanding your knowledge: If you are driven to write a couple of blog posts a week, you are actively seeking new information, you listen more closely to relevant news and you become more knowledgeable about your blogging subject. You can become the industry expert in your niche. Job offers: Your blog can produce results and this can give employers an insight on who you are and what you do.  If you are applying for a job, most employers will search your name on Google to see what comes up.  If you have a personal blog, this will usually be the first result. Moving up the ladder: Blogging can position your growth within the current company you work for.  You can become known as the industry expert. You will get more new ideas and you have shown the discipline and initiative in writing new blog posts. Blogging for fun: Turn your interest or hobby in a blog with an eye towards a career change. Use your blogging to expand your accumulated knowledge and create your own network of followers.  Always work to become known as the expert in your field and the job offers will follow.  Expertise is a natural by product of doing what you love to do. Emotional stability: By establishing your own personal name within your area of expertise, you can create your own opportunities. This could be your own network and your own stability in your life. This can remove the feeling of being totally dependant on your current employer. Please follow and like...

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Building relationships with blogging

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Blog marketing (another form of social media) can be a powerful business influencer.  Blogs can build an interactive conversation with your readers and you can build a strong following list with it.  A Blog builds an interactive conversation with your readers.  With correct optimization, you can build relationships and loyal readers to your blog. Find below a couple of tips on how you can make your blog a business influencer. Building Relationships Be Positive: Avoid being negative and criticizing others on your blog.  Always keep an open mind when creating posts and when commenting other contributors. Focus on building others up and on how the best do something. Give tips, advice and solutions. By providing solutions and answers to your readers queries, you are building trust and credibility. Be Interested: Be genuinely interested in your reader and their perspective. What are your readers interested in? What do they want to know?  Always write unique informative information. Focus on solutions: Talk about solutions to problems that will interest your readers. Ask questions and encourage discussion.  Become the expert in your industry. Selling Your Ideas Motivate your reader: As you write each posting, consider: “Why would someone want to do what I’m asking?” Dramatize your ideas: Effective story telling and real life examples help to make your ideas visual and memorable. Avoid arguments: Even when readers makes negative comments, stay objective. Be thankful for new opinions and be respectful. Start with agreement: Respond to comments by first identifying areas of agreement. Try to view things from your reader’s point of view.  Everyone is unique and will have their own perspective on a topic. Leadership Admit mistakes: Be open to discuss mistakes you have made.  You are human.  This can be motivating to others who are facing the same problems to see what worked and what didn’t. Ask questions: Try asking questions or suggesting alternatives instead of telling people directly what they should do. Benefits: Focus on the benefits that your readers might receive from your ideas. Be Respectful: By respecting others capabilities and their situation, you will help them to succeed. Use encouragement to try new ideas and to empower action. Please follow and like...

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How to plan your internet marketing strategy

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Internet marketing is the use of the web to advertise, promote and to sell products and services.  A strategic internet marketing plan is quite similar to a strategic business plan, just with a focused and narrower objective. In building your internet marketing plan, you need to think about how this fits into your business objectives and other traditional marketing strategies.  All these strategies should interrelate and work together for the best results. Find below the key elements that I always include in any internet marketing plan. Business plan Describe your company and your company history.  What are you long and short term overall objectives? What products or services do you sell? Marketing plan What targeted market do you compete in? List and describe your primary competitors along with their weaknesses and strengths.  Who are your targeted customers and on what overall basis do they make the final buying decision? What are your positioning, branding and pricing strategies? Internet marketing Based on your marketing plan, what are your online objectives in terms of lead generation, traffic, selling, warranty service or customer service? Develop your strategies around search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, affiliate marketing, podcast marketing and blog marketing. Blog marketing Based on your targeted customer demographically, what informative and interesting content can you present to them to develop a strong readership? You can always use your blog to support your other online marketing strategies and marketing plans. Please follow and like...

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Engage with your customers through blogging

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A key challenge to any business operating online today is how to engage customers.  This is very important for small and large companies to build their presence and brand online. Conversations are an excellent way for businesses to engage customers and with a business blog it is possible. A typical static website is more like making an announcement where your blog is about engaging with customers and future prospects. Blog marketing is quite different Blogging is all about talking to your audience and allowing them to respond by talking back to you.  Listening and learning is a key aspect of blogging. This affects what you might say in your next blog topic. The idea with blogging is to constantly engage with your audience to create relationships that are mutually beneficial. Comment, Comment, Comment Always visit and actively comment on other related blogs in the same industry and niche as yours.  By actively engaging with bloggers on key business topics can build you a strong following. This can also help you understand your audience’s point of view (perspective) that is related to what they are looking for and the answers that they are seeking. Conversation is king! Traditional marketing is quite different from conversational marketing. The idea with conversational marketing is to create and improve understanding. It is really not at all about merely delivering a sales message. It is about listening and talking, not about making announcements. Focus on the benefits Customers always wants to know what you can do for them and how it will impact them currently. How will your products or services benefit them? Many business owners and managers have difficulty in distinguishing the features from the benefits.  Your communication should focus on the benefits that you offer. View point In online marketing it is always important to look at the customer experience from an emotional point of view. What frustrates them? What interests them? What are they looking for? By designing a great customer experience from an emotional point of view can have dramatic improvement on your revenue. Business blog marketing is a great way to engage with your customers.  It can also help you brand yourself as the expert in your industry and niche. Please follow and like...

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