On Wednesday the 29 January 2015, Francois Muscat was invited to Hirsh’s Home Store in Fourways to speak at their monthly business breakfast. The talk focused on tips, tricks and tactics to braving the social media wave through social selling, and stating the case for social selling. Salespeople and managers used to be the key information sources for B2B buyers but now the internet and social networking platforms have changed buyer behaviour.


During the social selling talk, Francois raises the fact that social selling does not change the old way of sales but rather augments it to help Sales fish where the fish are.

social fish.fw

In this day and information/social media age, buyers will begin looking for answers to their questions with or without the seller. B2B professionals need to use social selling to engage buyers and listen for opportunities. For information on how to do away with cold calling and tedious marketing habits, contact WSI OMS today.