How often have you heard people declare that they don’t do social media? Maybe you have even said it yourself. In such cases, social media marketing – acquiring attention and traffic via social media networks – may be wasted. However, the stats show that social media is here to stay:

  • Traditional news networks are losing ground with platforms such as Twitter in the battle to keep the public abreast of the news.

Online interaction is a pivotal aspect of the modern customer experience.

Who’s who in the social media zoo?

Just like you, each social media site has its own niche. Twitter is short and frequent with the aim of keeping people up-to-date with current events. Facebook is far more social, with a focus on images and photos and a tool to create social events. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is as conservative as it is professional. Using the appropriate avenues through which you share your message will depend on your target audience.

Social selling tips from the top 

Make every element count by linking your images and videos to your website where you provide expanded content on it. Using visuals as portals to your website increases your organic traffic and therefore your search engine ranking. Higher rankings lead to better lead generation and greater sales.

“Test and measure” is a phrase used in all marketing. Social media marketing is no exception. The big difference, though, is that the analytics built into social media sites makes measuring so much easier. So instead of allocating many man hours to obtaining feedback, you can use that energy to try new ideas and tweak your digital marketing strategies.

While a company without a social media presence may seem to lack credibility and innovation, social media marketing is an easy way to get almost free, organic brand awareness and website traffic. If you are curious about how to leverage social media marketing in your business, then get in touch with the team at WSI OMS today for all your digital marketing needs.

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