Short blogs have their place and time in any content marketing strategy. But, there is definitely something to be said about long-form content. These pieces are often very engaging and can go a long way to helping a reader progress on their buyer’s journey.

  • Challenges

  • Not everyone writes as well as a professional copywriter or journalist and these pieces take skill and time.
  • Another challenge is the fact that people have short attention spans – if you are boring them with drawn-out copy, they can easily click away from your article.
  • Why Long-Form Content Should Be Included

There are many reasons why long-form content should be part of your content marketing strategy:

  • From an SEO perspective, Google considers long-form content authoritative. However, this doesn’t mean you can waffle on with poorly formulated content and expect to claim a top position in search results.
  • To get started, consider a few topics that would serve as educational content for your target audience. Ideally, this should be a topic that requires detailed explanations and can’t really be covered in a shorter blog post.
  • To ensure that your long-form content isn’t overwhelming, break it down into shorter pieces with sub-headings. Also consider visual aids, bullet points and infographics to help break up the longer paragraphs.

People are inclined to share long-form content because it can provide value to their online networks. It also shows their friends and followers that they follow authoritative sources. If you need help with your content marketing strategy, then contact WSI OMS today.

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