Most of us know all about the importance of social media marketing, content marketing and link building when it comes to SEO… But, how much do we really understand when it comes to the technical side of search engine optimisation techniques and strategies? In an effort to make your life easier and boost your knowledge, here are some technical facts that we feel all business owners should know:

  • It isn’t Always Possible for Crawlers to Access Infinite Scroll 

Unfortunately, this means that if you use infinite scroll in your website design, your pages may not rank – at least not as well as they could. There is a way around this, however. All that you must do to activate each page’s ranking potential is to make sure that there is a paginated series of pages in addition to the one long scroll. Also, remember to implement replaceState/pushState on the infinite scroll page.

  • Google Generally Crawls the Home Page of a Website First 

Because of this, it is important to ensure that your home page is properly SEO-optimised before you dedicate any time and effort to the other existing pages. Remember, however, if there are many links to another specific page on your website, Google may crawl there before moving onto the home page thereafter.

  • Website Security is Becoming More and More Important

Did you know? Half of all the existing page one ranking sites are https sites. This goes to show that Google is gradually placing more and more SEO value on quality site security. This comes as no real surprise considering the emphasis that they have been placing on improving user experience.

When it comes to perfecting your website’s SEO, it often pays to enlist the services of a reputable digital marketing agency like WSI OMS. Get in touch with us today to find out about our services, including search engine optimisation, content marketing and online reputation management.

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