Email marketing has had an integral role to play in almost every brand’s digital marketing strategy thus far. It allows for marketers to notify consumers, as well as potential consumers, about specials, business direction and to promote content marketing and social media marketing efforts. The question is, what does the future hold for email marketing? Is it set to continue to help increase online conversions? Or is it doomed to be replaced by new approaches? We investigate below…

Email Automation 

With new technology and software popping up every few weeks, it has become simpler than ever before to create stunning, functional emails guaranteed to get the attention of the readers. We’re certain of the fact that email automation technology is only going to get better going forward.

Interactive Emails 

Whether it’s website design or social media marketing, it’s all about user experience nowadays, so we’re sure that interactive emails are going to start becoming more and more popular – and, thanks to email automation programmes, a lot easier and cheaper to create! There will be plenty of opportunity to get creative with things like embedded games, polls, quizzes and clickables.

Video Content 

When it comes to content marketing and email marketing, videos are known to make a bigger impression than any other type of content. Because of this, we believe that embedded videos are sure to become a ‘thing’ much sooner than expected. Gmail and Yahoo currently don’t support this technology, but we’re certain that that’s going to change very quickly indeed!

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