A picture speaks a thousand words, but a moving picture is even better. 2013 saw GIF sets take the internet by storm as people used GIFs to animate everything from commenting on blogs to one-liners from their favourite films. Since the craze began, Tumblr has been the king of GIF sharing but up until now only source websites have been able to support GIFs, and no social networking platform, with the exception of Google+ has housed this pioneering and fun feature. As it is with all social media trends, another platform has joined the GIF family. Pinterest now also supports GIFs and this allows you to post and view GIFs on the site without having to click through to another site and view the GIF in another window.

“This is a great opportunity for your brand to get more use out of GIFs on your website and to add new kinds of Pins to Pinterest. In addition to photos and videos, animated GIFs can add a fun, engaging element to your boards.” – Kevin Knight, Pinterest Business Blog.



Rotating_earth_(large)Now you can make any pin even more exciting in just a few short steps and make your business’s board more creative and attractive to your followers, clients and potential clients alike. To learn more about how you can give your Pinterest a boost and get your business the exposure it deserves on the fun social media platform, Contact WSI OMS for affordable and expertly managed social media campaigns.