The success of your business is irrefutably linked to your knowledge and experience in your field or industry. You have taken that skill and nurtured it into an organisation that offers a valuable product or service. Chances are, writing extraordinary content is not the best use of your time or talents. Yet content marketing is an essential element of a successful campaign. The solution is to employ the content copywriting services of whose field of expertise is writing.

Content is king

Okay, so this phrase is heading to clichédom, but the fact is that developing and growing relationships with your prospects and customers

Top tips for killer copy

It really is all about your readers. Focus on them instead of talking about yourself.
Bad: “Our mission statement is to provide the best service.”
Good: “You deserve the finest service.”

Ask questions to keep readers engaged.
Bad: “We listen to our clients…”
Good: “Do you prefer x or y?”

Do not address individuals as part of crowd.
Bad: “To those who did not receive their meals on time, we apologise.”
Good: “We are sorry that your meal was late.”

Avoid padding and superlatives – exaggerated expressions. These come across as empty promises. Rather be persuasive with specific examples which are more credible.
Bad: “I know quite a few languages.”
Good: “I speak French, Spanish, and German.”

Draw me a picture. Appeal to my senses to get your message across.
Bad: “These ropes are tough.”
Good: “These are the Chuck Norris of ropes.”

Tell your customers what’s in it for them, i.e. benefits over features.
Bad: “This camera has an xyz of 123.”
Good: “This camera can capture that action shot of your son’s first goal.”

Cut out corporatese. It is impersonal, confusing, and annoying.
Bad: “If you drill down, our market-leading software alleviates the stress of procurement management.”
Good: “Our software takes the stress out of procurement management.”

Avoid using the passive voice because it sounds distant and robotic.
Bad: “Your custom is appreciated.”
Good: “Thank you for your custom.”

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