With all the apparent ‘free advertising’ you can get out there by leveraging social media and combining it with SEO, paid advertising has become a little scary. Is it worth it?

Yes – absolutely. PPC generates traffic very quickly. It has been proven to work very well for short-term campaigns and it works as long as you are targeting the right keywords and the right market. Even better there brand new sure-fire ways to get the best ROI out of it in 2017 – because there are more tools at your disposal than ever to help you get your keywords right and reach the right demographic in the right way.


PPC as part of an integrated online marketing campaign

Your best bet for getting the most of your Google PPC campaign on Adwords is to do it as part of an integrated online marketing campaign – including AdaptiveSEO that uses social signals gained from your target markets reaction to you social media campaign to choose keywords for optimisation and PPC.


Using Social Media platforms for PPC advertising

Facebook is getting more popular by the second, despite what you may have heard about people ‘giving it up’. Stats don’t lie. Pay Per Click advertising on Facebook can be very lucrative when done as part of a social media marketing campaign that is backed by a solid strategy and can be adjusted creatively and quickly in response to what’s working and what isn’t. Facebook also gives you the opportunity to use videos to get clicks and if your campaign is managed diligently and you get lots of shares – your market will grow exponentially. You might even be lucky enough have a post ‘go viral’.

The above are just two examples of how your ROI from PPC can be maximised better than ever in 2017.


Contact us at WSI OMS to set up your PPC campaign on Google Adwords and Facebook – for high short-term and long-term returns on your digital marketing investment.

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