Build and Market your Ecommerce Website

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Ecommerce website marketing is one of the important aspects for an on-line business. To insure your website gets top Google ranking, it is recommended you build not only a visually appealing website but one that has easy navigation and WSI (We Simplify The Internet) can assist in providing a structured approach to identifying different persona’s for your target market. Who you should address and how to present to them is vitally important and gaining  in-depth knowledge of the market that your products or services are aimed at will assist with your marketing effors. Our team of experts will partner with you in your journey to develop your business through our proven digital marketing strategies. As a premier ecommerce Internet marketing company that aims to ‘Simplify The Internet’ we provide pure ethical on-line strategies with 100% delivery satisfaction and guarantees. We also offer unique ecommerce marketing strategies, competitor analysis and Integrated Digital Marketing plans that will dovetail with your overall marketing strategy and make your website visible to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN. We have a talented group of business people who would have experience which spans across most industries. So if you are looking for the best website marketing company that provide a range of unique services, then WSI Internet Marketing is your best on-line solution. As you know there are numerous companies providing digital marketing, but our USP is to provide a full menu of services that can be matched to your available budget or built over time and includes Internet Marketing strategies, Search Engine Essentials, Link Building, Search Engine Positioning, PPC Set Up & Management, Content Marketing, Website Building nd Maintenance and Hosting to name a few and all at affordable rates.  Check out our website at for more...

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Why Social Media Marketing is Important For Your Business

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Social media can be found almost everywhere on the web. The internet viewing public has shifted to social media and many search engines are already busy incorporating it onto their algorithms including the upcoming Caffeine update of Google. Even though social media has been around for a while, successful online businesses is also following this trend. Millions of conversations are happening online every day.  This creates a highly involved audience that engages and interacts around focused topics. Companies embracing the social media advantage will be able to connect with their targeted audience and reap the benefits of increased brand awareness and increased sales.  Businesses need to re-visit their marketing assumptions to take advantage of the evolution of Web 2.0 social media marketing. For the first time businesses can broadcast their message to targeted users at the right time and make sure their message is seen by as many users as possible. It is important that businesses must understand that this kind of marketing (Social Media Marketing) is very different than traditional marketing.  Social Media Marketing is all about creating relationships and trust. Not about selling.  Conversation is king but in order to establish it, you will need good relevant content to start it. Social Media Marketing allows you to promote your services and brand by making your presence known on targeted social media websites.  This process is also called “Social Media Optimization (SMO)”. Popular social media websites includes Linkedin, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg, Twitter and YouTube.  Each social media website has its own rules and strategies that needs to be developed for each in your social media marketing strategy. You can also use social media tools to access audiences with shared interests and viewpoints.  These social media tools includes blogs, social networks, social bookmarking websites, forums and wikis.  Social media can include images, videos, audio, widgets and text. What your business can expect from optimized social media marketing? Attention and recognition for the company brands and the company itself. Targeted visitor traffic to the company website. The ability to interact with customers and potential customers Increased sales through increased brand awareness. Contact us if your require any additional information regarding Social Media Marketing and Social Media...

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Choosing The Right Online Marketing Agency

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Choosing the right internet marketing company is always a critical factor in your website achieving your desired business goals.  Engaging the right online marketing agency can be a daunting task since there are many agencies out there all claiming to bring you good results. Here are top 10 questions that you should ask any search engine marketer before you engage with them; How long has the search engine marketing firm been in business? Avoid dealing with an agency that is just starting as they often lack experience. Does the consultant have a team behind or are they are part of a team? Always engage with an internet marketing consultant that has a team behind them. Could you please describe your most recent successful online marketing campaigns Ask to browse through the agency’s portfolio, case studies, whitepapers and testimonials, this will reflect on their past works. Are you Google certified? It’s advisable to hire an agency that is certified by Google. Will you provide website stats? If so, how often? Every agency should be able to send you stats on a monthly basis or as & when you require them. Do we have to sign a contract with you? Avoid signing lengthy contracts as you could end up being tied to bad service What industries have you dealt with? A good consultant should have dealt with a broad array of industries. Have you won any awards? Experienced online marketers normally win awards, be it locally or internationally. How long does it take to get results Avoid consultants that promise SEO results overnight. They could be using black-hat tactics. Do you offer any guarantees? Good online marketing companies should offer money back...

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Reach and Analyze Your Market with Google Ads

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The Internet has truly levelled the playing field in terms of advertising and what businesses need to spend on advertising to get exposure. In light of the recession, the Internet has become an even more popular marketing platform because of it’s affordability, measurability and the fact that smaller businesses can compete effectively against their larger competitors in the online environment. What Makes Google Ads an Effective and Affordable Advertising Platform? One of the defining factors of Google Adwords is that it allows you to target your market exactly when they are searching for your products and services online. With Google Adwords you can choose the locations you want your ads to show and you only pay each time someone actually clicks on your ad. In addition to this, a Google Adwords account asks you too choose a daily budget – meaning you have complete control on how much you spend on your search engine advertising. Unlike Traditional Forms of Advertising, Google Ads are Measurable Traditional forms of advertising (Print, Radio, Television) are being overshadowed by search engine advertising because you can get more ‘bang for your buck’ on a popular search engine like Google. By setting up goals you can measure the effectiveness of your ads via factors like the number of bookings/inquiries made, the number of leads generated and any other business goals you may want to analyze.  You can also see whether or not your google ad needs to be adjusted via the click through rate. Obviously if you have a low click through rate then you should relook your advert and do some more keyword research in order to achieve a higher click through rate. No matter the size of your business, you are now in a position to afford an effective advertising campaign with Google Adwords. Search engine advertising allows even the smallest business operations to reach far beyond borders and compete against bigger brands in the same...

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What you can expect from good blogging

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By posting relevant good content on your blog, you will get your business noticed online.  Blogging can build trust and credibility and it opens up a new realm to what you will find with a normal website.  With a blog, you are the expert in your field.  The goal with a blog is to engage and interact with your visitors. Even though you should have goals and a solid plan with your blog, it can be a bit different to the goals that you have with your website.   Find below a couple of points on what you can expect with a successful blog. You can reach new readers Your blog can reach new readers and targeted visitors by placing your content right in front of them.  This can all be done via the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feed linked to your blog.   The new visitors and readers browsing your blog is usually different to those reading traditional advertising or even your website. Be followed You can build trust and credibility as stated earlier by the regular posting of fresh informative content on your blog.  You can build a following of readers and targeted users that will understand who you are and what you stand for. Inform your customers Your blog can build your market if you produce or sell products.  You can get potential customers to understand your services and that you can solve the problems that they might have.  Case stories is a excellent way of promoting your products/services and how that has influenced your clients. Communication is king You can build a community with your blog.  Keep the lines of communication between your business and your customers open.  With a customer service blog it allows the flow of conversation to travel to your business as well as your clients.  This can also alert you to developing issues. Website Rankings Blogging can increase your website ranking. You can generate regular keyword rich content.  This will attract search engines if you use relevant keywords in your post titles, tags and content.  Link to other websites or blogs that you are referencing in your blog posts.  You can also use keywords in these links to push up your rankings on the search...

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It’s Time to Get Personal

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Your business and website should have a visible personality. Given that fact, what more natural personality to have than your own? Think of all the antiseptic business websites out there. You see the words on those sites but do you see who wrote them? Can you say anything about who they are, what motivates them, or if they are even a legitimate business? If your website is there to promote a small, relatively unknown business, you may have a problem reaching new customers. As I mentioned before, the Web is absolutely saturated with people trying to make a quick buck. To be noticed among them, you need a well-established reputation. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time to get personal on your website. Mentioning yourself by name is a good start. If your website represents a corporation, you may not feel comfortable talking about every employee by name. But it’s important to have a spokesperson of sorts. Who best represents your company and is the proverbial backbone? This could be just the person you need to act as your public face. Pictures are good, too. Although it doesn’t really have much to do with business, people like to know there are human beings on the other side of the screen. Again, you may not want every employee or partner’s picture on your site, but there should be a few so that customers can match a face with the words. Do you have an office-front or even just a room devoted to your business? If you do (or even if you can fake it), pictures of your work area bring a subconscious air of credibility. For an especially small or new business, you may want to get even more personal than that. Do you have a blog? If so, consider moving it to your business website. The more your website establishes you as a real human being with a family, ambitions, and character, the more comfortable people will feel contacting you for the first time. Not to mention, the less likely they will be to treat you with disrespect. Even if your business exists solely on the Web, don’t be tempted to live and die by automated forms and email. You may not expect to do much business over the phone or via postal mail, but having a number and physical address will again make you seem more real and trustworthy. After all, if you don’t make all this public,  customers might well  think that you are...

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We Discuss Internet Marketing With Stephen Newton Of Google

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ZA Group in association with Google South Africa hosted a business breakfast on the 4th of September 2009. Presenting was Google South Africa country manager, Stephen Newton.  Newton is the former Google head of analytics & commerce for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Before joining Google, he was Vice President of Double Click’s Ad Exchange and General Manager of Hitwise UK. His talk covered the following; Google Maps – Streetview Street View is a popular feature of Google Maps that allows users to explore and navigate areas through panoramic street-level images. Stephen mentioned that South African businesses could benefit from the Street View technology by embedding Google Maps directly into their websites for free, helping them to promote their businesses and raise awareness. It was also mentioned that this feature would be beneficial to tourists coming to South Africa for the FIFA 2010 World cup as it would help them navigate easily. It was also noted that the process of collecting and processing the images would take several months and would be made available at a later date in Street View on Google Maps for South Africa. Google Adwords Stephen talked about the flexibility of Adwords mentioning how advertisers can spend as little or as much money they want, all depending on their advertising budget available. Newton also explained how AdWords allows advertisers to set up their targeted national regions, targeted language and country. Adwords distribution is one topic in which a bit of time was spent on explaining how ads are shown on the content and search networks. In conclusion Stephen Newton explained how Google remains committed and excited about improving access to information for local South African...

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Join the World’s #1 Rated Internet and Technology Franchise

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WSI is the world’s leading Internet Services Franchise providing affordable Internet solutions to small and medium size business. WSI is ranked the #1 Internet and Technology Services Franchise and ranked among the Top 50 Franchises in the world. “WSI is without question a real franchising success story, they have continued to grow dramatically as a global leader in the Internet Industry. Entrepreneur Magazine (January 2008) has recognized WSI as the #1 Internet and Technology Franchise for 7 consecutive years and an independent assessment of the Franchise 500 reveals that WSI is also the #1 Canadian Franchise overall.” – Entrepreneur Magazine WSI is currently accepting applications from motivated, entrepreneurial-minded individuals for new franchise openings in high-growth markets.  Apply Now! Our Proven Business Model Often referred to as the “White Collar Franchise,” WSI Consultants deliver Internet Marketing Solutions to small and medium–sized businesses (SMEs) worldwide by leveraging our exclusive, patent-pending Lifecycle system – our blueprint for developing effective Solutions. Become a Professional Consultant Whether your background is in general business or sales and marketing, if you follow WSI’s proven system you will build and expand your client base and achieve recurring revenue streams. WSI’s successful business, marketing and Internet solutions are driven by proprietary tools, methodologies, products and comprehensive operational and marketing support. WSI’s Limitless Opportunity As an Internet Marketing Consultant within WSI’s global network, you will have the personal and professional independence, freedom and control that you want and deserve. You will build a scalable, flexible and profitable business connected back through to our proprietary e-Marketplace, using a proven business model and a definitive formula for success. You will secure long-term business growth and successful client relationships by identifying and delivering the right Internet solutions, driving qualified traffic to your clients’ websites and converting visitors into paying customers. The resulting predictable, scalable income will enable you to accomplish the lifestyle you want, for yourself and your family. Unique Benefits For your all-inclusive franchise fee you will receive world-class on-site training; ongoing operational and marketing support; your own customized presence on our company’s domain; and a lucrative position within WSI’s ever-evolving e-Marketplace. Become a part of the network of over 1500 men and women of all backgrounds who have taken their entrepreneurial spirit, managerial skills and business development capabilities to a place of amazing profit, professional freedom and personal...

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Word of Mouth… Even Online

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As computers and the Internet have taken more important roles in the business world, those who came before have largely lamented the presence of technology. They will claim that it strives to remove the relationships between you and the customer and that it makes business even less personal than ever. I, however, argue that this is only because so many are not using these powerful tools correctly which is why 70% of all CRM projects fail. There is no excuse for a web-based business to be considered cold and impersonal. Your business is living in an epic, border-less world economy where customers are not hindered by geography and time zones or even out of stock situations. Blogs such as this one, message boards and other forms of online communities including the proliferation of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo and YouTube allow you to interact with customers from anywhere in the world at any time. Even when you aren’t there, your presence is felt thanks to your ‘hopefully’ interactive website providing the ability to communicate or obtain information as well as old posts and replies that help to sell your business even while you sleep. More importantly, customers can interact freely on an online community. Unlike many conventional businesses, customers aren’t influenced by location and the odds of a potential customer and a previous customer ever crossing paths is quite slim. Your interactions with customers on your website are there for the world to see. When you are helpful and receive customer thanks and praise, visitors notice it. It is important to allow customers to post testimonials and you should be constantly asking for feedback on your products or services. Every time someone sees these interactions or gets responses directly from other customers, you’ve helped to win over new customers without having to spend a cent on advertising. Another way to cultivate word of mouth is to make use of ‘customer get customer offers available to your current customers. The way these work is usually that for every new customer that someone brings in, he or she would then receive a discount or a share of the profits from that new customer. This sort of program could be applied to just about any goods or services delivered in an automated fashion and provide you with quality word of mouth advertising at minimal costs – especially since you don’t pay anything out until you’ve already turned a...

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Video: The power of the internet and internet marketing

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This video answers some poignant questions, on the power of the internet and internet marketing. Charting the phenomenal progress of society and technology in recent years. This video is a must for anyone wondering what the values of web marketing and search engine optimisation are. [youtube]K7Dhmg6vcXQ[/youtube]

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