WSI Internet Marketing Franchise – Keith Klamer interview

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I am en route to the WSI Excellence & Innovation conference in Orlando and have used this travel opportunity to stop over at Ronnie Adelman’s WSI Franchise in St Louis Missouri. Keith Klamer recently bought a WSI Internet Marketing franchise and I was interested to hear from him about his initial experiences with starting his business, as he first worked for Ronnie as an Internet Marketing Consultant in a sales role. I have been mentoring Keith for the p

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XML Sitemaps – Why you need one for your website and blog

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To have a normal sitemap on your blog and website is an easy way for your visitors to jump to any page on your site.  It can make your navigation easy if you have a big site with lots of pages.  Usually these sitemaps are created by normal HTML and they are know as HTML Sitemaps.  Even though this is a easy way to jump to any page in your website, is it written in clear well formatted HTML so that search engines can find your content easily?  Th

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Is Website Design that important to SEO Marketers?

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I don’t want to overemphasize the importance of design as from an SEO perspective experienced digital marketers can work with most creative design…with the exception of an entire site built in ‘flash’!, but I do want to mention a little about it as there are some common mistakes made. Once you have your ‘marketing dashboard’ of site analytics and statistics collected from your site’s traffic, take a look at what pages visitors are looking at an

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WSI Franchise – An interview with Ronnie Adelman

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At the moment I am on my way to the WSI Excellence and Innovation conference in Orlando which starts on the 28th September. I always look forward to these events as it gives me the opportunity to leverage off the WSI network. Meeting with the other consultants every year is like meeting up with family at Christmas. This is what I love about this business. On this trip I stopped off at St Louis to spend a few days with a great friend of mine, Ronnie Adelman. I met Ro

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WSI E&I Conference in Orlando

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  I am at the airport on my way to Orlando, via London. It’s going to be a long trip, some 29 hours. I am looking forward to the WSI E&I Conference and are quite excited about presenting on day 2. My presentation covers how one can leverage off social media when doing search engine optimization. I am big into “Content Marketing” as an advanced way of search engine optimization. We have achieved some great results with content marketing. Many of ou

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Online Competitor Analysis Explained

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Online competitor analysis allows you to compare your website’s performance to that of your competitors. An online competitor analysis is an extremely useful research tool, which can provide you with an insight into your competitors’ online marketing strategies. Conducting a competitor analysis on a regular basis will definately give you an edge in the cyber environment. Benefits of a competitor analysis A competitor analysis will help you understand your Co

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Keep People on Your Website

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Getting targeted traffic to hit your website is one challenge Internet Marketers face, however, keeping this traffic on your website is another challenge that needs to be addressed.  The question one should really ask is “How can I ensure I keep people on my site long enough to turn them in to customers?” A few things you can do to decrease your website’s Bounce Rate First and foremost, endeavor to keep your website’s content fresh and up-to

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Traffic statistics is essential for any website

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Analyzing your website statistics can provide you with valuable information regarding your presence on the web.  It can show you the amount of visitors browsing to your website, which pages were viewed, country, keywords and how they got to your website.  Website statistics packages are part of most business hosting plans. Find a list below on how you can utilize website statistics for your website.Visitor Activity: This is the number of visitors that visits you

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Focus on social media marketing for your business

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With correct social media optimization (SMO) you can build your brand and reputation.  Social media is all about trust and credibility.  Brand yourself as a leader.  Your brand or company is what you represent and care about.  You can be the unique voice in your market.  The goal with social media marketing is to create a cultural following. Success will happen because of effort.  Participating in social media is not an easy task.  It takes time and dedicatio

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Debunking SEO Myths

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Almost all industries have their own myths and Internet Marketing is no exception. Because there is fierce competition between Internet Marketers to get their clients’ websites ranked on major search engines like Google, a huge amount of unethical or ‘Black Hat’ Search Engine Optimization techniques are used in order to achieve the desired ranking. Some SEO ‘experts’ will lead you to believe that their practices will get you to the top

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