WSI Internet Training in Monterrey

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It is a busy week for me as I am doing 4 days training on Digital Marketing training in Mexico. The training focuses on: Generating leads for businesses Developing your online credibility so people engage Implementing a communication plan to keep top of mind I deliver over 15 presentations and each one shows practical examples of implementing these ideas. I will give more feedback a bit later but I had a few great testimonials and one in particular that I wish to share from Alberto Ehrsam. He increased his traffic from single figures to 168 visitors in 2 days by implementing some of the ideas we discussed. Francois: I like to share my experience just by doing some of the tips to my site that you showed us on Monday and Tuesday of this week (Attachment) As I mention to you before, I appreciate very much the time you took to teach us an effective "Business Model". Please feel free to share my testimonial… Your method works in Mexico as well! Saludos, Alberto Thanks Alberto, comments and results like these are really...

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Blogs vs Websites

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Blogs and websites have very different purposes in a Content Marketing strategy.  Blogs are for interacting and communicating with your targeted customers as well as develop your brand. Blogging is an effective way to develop your online credibility, especially when you are considered an authority in your field. A website is your business’ online presence and is designed to sell or provide your services to your visitors. It is the place where your visitors can engage with your business. Blog Content Marketing is a powerful business strategy as well written and optimized posts can vastly increase your online visibility. Combining a blog with your website has great benefits as your blog posts can attract targeted visitors to your website which can lead to a prospect converting into a customer. Blogs are active Blogs enable interaction with the online community very easily and are more effective in engaging with a reader than a website which is generally passive. Blogs broadcasts their content out to the web via RSS (Real Simple Syndication) every time there is something new. Websites on the other hand must wait to be discovered by the search engine bots and spiders. It’s like the difference between fishing and hunting. You can sit and wait for fish or you can actively hunt and pursue. Blogs are faster Posting and syndication (RSS) is almost instantaneous.  Blog aggregators (Technorati, Afrigator) and other blog search engines index and list your postings within minutes after you publish them.  No need to wait for your content to be indexed. Build a readership It’s very easy for visitors to subscribe to your blog so that they can be notified of new postings and articles as soon as they are published. Blogs also encourage repeat visits with content being delivered to your favorite feed reader or by email. Compare this to bookmarking a website which depends on the visitor returning. Blogs have fresher content By their nature, blogs have regular fresh content and they are more up to date.  Blogs tend to deal with breaking events and technology insights. Blogs are interactive Blog conversations are encouraged providing multiple viewpoints and discussions.  Comments can be made easily from each page. I look forward to my next post where I will discuss how to include blogging into your online marketing...

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Sudáfrica vs México – Copa Mundial de Futball 2010

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Desde sus humildes inicios en 1930 la Copa Mundial de la FIFA en este 2010 promete ser el evento deportivo más espectacular del mundo. Este 2010 no parece ser una excepción, se espera que más de un millardo de personas sigan este evento alrededor del mundo. Durante un mes, en este torneo se disputaran la copa 32 naciones. ¿Quien será el ganador este año?. La pregunta esta en el aire pues nunca antes en la historia se ha jugado este torneo en el continente Africano. El primer partido de este encuentro -que tal vez sea el que más espectadores tenga exceptuando la final- lo jugará el anfitrión Sudáfrica vs México. Aunque los sudafricanos tengan la ventaja de locales, históricamente los anfitriones han perdido más veces el primer partido de la copa. Esperamos que este año no sea la excepción, el equipo mexicano va preparado para ganar y aunque tuvo muchos baches en la eliminatoria parece que gracias a la dirección y entusiasmo del Vasco Aguirre ya todo quedo en el pasado. El espíritu de los  mexicanos para apoyar a nuestra selección, la experiencia previa de tantas copas mundiales nos da una ventaja muy grande que no podemos dejar pasar. El equipo verde ganará este primer partido que seguramente veremos más de mil millones de personas alrededor del mundo. Y tu, ¿que opinas?. How’s this for my Spanish. Thanks to my good friend Jose Ramon de la...

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Mexico vs South Africa – Football World Cup 2010

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From it’s humble beginnings in 1930 the Soccer World Cup has grown to be one of the most spectacular sporting events in the world. The 2010 World Cup promises to be the planet’s biggest sporting event ever. Well over a billion people are expected to follow the month long tournament between the world’s top 32 soccer playing nations. Who will be the winner when Mexico takes on South Africa in the Football World Cup 2010? Personally I think South Africa will win because of the advantage of playing in our home country and we are used to the climate. Former Charlton forward Bartlett suggested the “spirit inside every African” and the various African expatriate communities in South Africa will ensure huge support for each home nation, with fans of one African side rallying behind another once their team has been knocked out. What is your...

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Tune your website to focus on your best customers

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How can you tune your website, blog or online profile to focus only on your best customers?  You can do this by creating a behavioural profile of your best buyer.  By creating a behavioural profile you will also be able to predict future actions, so understanding what drives behaviour is critical. By creating behavioural profiles, you are creating a best buyer “persona” and you can effectively market to this group.  It helps you to design into your website value, persuasion, trust and purchase. This can help converting traffic into customers. You can start by creating 4-5 customer segments about who the major buyers are of what you offer. Prioritize these segments (groups) from best to least desirable for you in terms of profitability, repeat buying and your ability to please them with your service.  Use your own formula for what is best for your company. You can always focus more on your best buyers but you will want to apply these same ideas to your other customers, you just want to put the focus and emphasis on your best buyers. Start by asking yourself a few questions about this group. What problem, goal or need is driving them to search for your product? What is the main obstacle that might stop them from choosing what you sell? What one thing is most likely to persuade this group to immediately buy once they learn this about your product? Always think of your best buyer persona as a character.  Define their education, job description and demographics. What are their buying criteria.  What is their role in the buying process?  How do they reach a decision?  How skilled are they? You want to develop your character’s personality around traits that shows how your character views the world, thinks, speak and acts. Developing a persona is meant to create empathy and understanding for your buyers situation, feelings and motives.  Once you personalize this into a user persona, your team can best create a selling strategy for your best buyers.  Decide what call to action will be most effective with this...

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How to create a winning landing page

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A landing page is a web page that is created for a purpose of driving your target market towards some intended action. It is essential for you to create a landing page that your online visitors can quickly relate to, thus your landing page needs to focus on only what needs to be present for you to get the conversion. Here are some tips for creating effective landing pages for your Google pay per click campaigns Your landing page should clearly define the benefits of your offer. You should state the benefits that your target audience receives from the product or service you are offering. The landing should have a captivating header that creates a sense of urgency. This also means that you need to include compelling call to actions such as ‘limited space available, Book Now!’ Always optimize your landing pages for the search engines. If done well then your page will start featuring on the organic side of search engines and you will start getting clicks for free. Your landing page should deliver on the promise of your ads. Content on your landing pages should be directly related to your ads. This will also help improve your quality score Always put a form on your landing pages. This will make it easy for your visitors to get in touch with you. Your landing page should eliminate anything that may distract your visitors from their original goal. It’s advisable to get rid of excess clutter such as unnecessary...

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What is the personality of your website?

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Every visitor to your website or blog will have a look at what you offer from their own view of the world.  Their personality type is quite an important factor in how they interpret your message. Each personality type will ask different questions and require different types and amounts of information before they decide to buy or take an action. The personality of your website plays a big role in online marketing There are four personality categories that you should look for. Analytical Analytical people always prefers to focus on “how” questions.  These are the detailed oriented engineering types.  They want to know how things work.  To analytical people, knowledge is power.  They will want to read and research, look at the technical specification and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each features.  They want the details. Playful These people live life to have some fun.  They are frequently extroverts and a life of party. They focus on “why” questions.  They look for energy and want to experience life.  They are also easily bored with too much information and prefer to make quick decisions.  They are also usually competitive. They tend to dislike abstract ideas and prefer specific and practical solutions.  Appeal to their five senses to get their attention.  Create interactive environments on your website or blog with video or other social means. Rules driven These are the people that are more practical and dependable customers.  Once they are comfortable with a product or service, they resist change.  They have a firm opinion on right and wrong.  They are usually quiet and conservative.  They also prefer to focus on the “what” questions.  They like the details and turn into loyal repeat buyers.  They also prefer order and organization.  This group are not risk takers so guarantees and other trust elements are important to them. Sociable Sociable people are sensitive, caring and also nurturing.  They prefer to focus on “who” questions.  They are great communicators.  How will the product affect their life and make things easier for them? Turn off by too much technical information.  They just want it to work.  They seek peace and harmony.  They will make decisions frequently based on feelings rather than facts. The nature of the products and services that you offer will attract different types of visitors. Understand the personalities of your ideal target customers.  The sales pitch for your website should be tailored to your ideal visitor. Create multiple paths or information buttons on your website to appeal to each personality...

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WSI Franchise ranked well again

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Happy New Year everyone, I hope we all have our dreams come true for 2010. I am pleased to announce that WSI Internet Services Franchise has been ranked well again in 2009: # 56 by Franchise 500 by Entrepreneur #15 by Top Home Based Franchises # 49 by America’s Top Global Franchise As many of you know I have been in this business for 6 years now and it gets more exciting as the years go by. The Internet changes all the time and it is sometimes quite difficult to keep up. This is where I find value in my WSI Internet Franchise. WSI provide continuous training and education as well as encourage sharing of information amongst our Internet Consultants. This year WSI are focusing on Digital Media Marketing which encompasses all aspects of Internet Marketing from, search engine marketing to social media marketing and bringing it altogether in a custom developed website where we can measure the return on Internet Marketing spend. Over the past 6 years I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by the best WSI Internet Consultants. They are; Ronnie Adelman, Dough Schust, Gary Levine & Chuck Bankoff. Not only did they let me into their business, they also invited me to their homes and we have developed some great friendships. This year WSI is providing more training for us and I encourage all WSI ICs to engage with system and work together on our winning formulae. Happy New Year to all of you and if you ever want to discuss this great business opportunity, feel free to contact...

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WSI Franchise grows in South Africa

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As the WSI Area Representative in South Africa I am pleased to welcome our latest WSI Franchisee to the rest of our team. We are growing from strength to strength and to get someone like Johnny Da Silva’s calibre, what a pleasure. Johnny has just returned from his training in Toronto and is eager to start. Johnny is an established entrepreneur and owns a total of 8 Captain DoRegos’ franchises in Bloemfontein. He was recently awarded the Franchisee of the Year award that is sponsored by Absa Bank. Some stats on Johnny’s achievements: His outlets serve over 102,000 people last year. A lot of fish for the Freestate:) He is involved in numerous community projects and events and sponsors charity events Here is a photo of Johnny receiving his award From the rest of the team we welcome you and wish you the best success in...

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How to build landing pages that converts

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A landing page is the specific website page that a visitor reaches after clicking on a online advertisement or link. This is a powerful way to increase your business leads.  This could be your customized sales pitch.  It usually provides detailed information on the specific offer that you are advertising and it should always be designed to get the visitor to take action and trust you. A well crafted and optimized landing page can convert a higher percentage of your visitors into business leads or into buyers. What is a excellent landing page? It should always answer the following: How do I get started? What is your offer? Who is this for? What solution are you offering? What problem are you solving? Landing Page Best Practices: Relevance Always make your online advertisement and your landing page highly relevant to each other. Repeat your advertisement text in the headline of your landing page.  What you offer should match your online advertisement.  Avoid any perception of “bait and switch” by your visitor. Simplify Simplify the actions that your visitors must take.  Do not provide multiple option and offers on a landing page.  This will confuse the visitor and they will leave without taking any action at all.  Eliminate all the page navigation except toward the action you want them to take.  Organize your content into a simple visual format that is quick to scan and understand. Action Always make the call to action visible, clear and above the fold.  Provide a short easy path for visitors to buy or request information.  Make sure your call to action stands out from the rest of the content. Minimum information Request only the minimum amount of information that you require for purchases and forms.  If you require too much information that is non essential to the advertisement or offer, many visitors will abandon your form and leave your page. Trust Answer this question “Why should your visitors trust you?”.  Offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee.  Have a simple returns policy.  Include real testimonials from real customers.  Include trust logos from organization you belong to.  Reassure your visitors that their information will remain private. Have your phone number and physical address on the page. Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding landing pages or if you require more information on how to increase your business...

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