Social Media is changing SEO

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It has been proved time and time again that a search engine optimized website that employs a clear language, unique rich content and semantically correct mark-up that can be interpreted by  human readers is going to offer a better user experience on the web. An optimized website will also be ranked higher on the search engines if all the elements are utilized correctly – on page SEO and off page SEO. What I’m talking about here is the on page SEO with all the elements directly associated with the on page factors of the website – keywords, unique content, title tags, heading tags, etc and the off page elements that includes content marketing, backlinks, etc. With the boom of social media marketing and all the Web 2.0 tools available, could the same results be obtained just by engagement through social media channels? Most of the content management systems and blogging engines freely available on the net already comes out with a “out of the box on page SEO” solution – with a bit of tweaking of course. With all these tools available you still need to cater for all the off page SEO elements. Why Social Media? The most important aspect of social media is the notion of reputation and recommendation.  Before the boom of the internet, we relied on our local social circle for advice and guidance.  With the web came this power of information and we had access to about anything you can think of, information wise of course. Users have become smart.  They are not searching for information on the internet any more, but filtering it to find exactly what they are looking for. You can find thousands of results with only a single search query, but how do you find the results that is most relative or informative?  Once again we are at step one looking at our social circle for guidance in these matters.  The only difference is that our social circles now is much larger than what they were before the internet boom. Is SEO still important? So you might be wondering if SEO is still important and it is.  You still need to find the initial finder of the information. Search engine optimizing a website for search engines can help users find and categorize content.   Search is not only for the discovery of new content, it can also serve to recover previously visited content. Yet if you don’t recall the exact terminology on the site, or all the content of the site is cloaked in images, your task will be more difficult. Social media marketing used together with SEO is a great way to build trust and credibility and at the same time increase targeted visitor traffic.  The old saying “content is king” is still valid even though social media experts say “conversation is king”.  In order to start a good conversation, good content is needed to talk about.  This shows that SEO is still important to get high rankings. Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding social media marketing or...

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Facebook Vs Twitter

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Recent research conducted in the U.S. by MarketWatch indicates that teenagers and young adults aren’t embracing Twitter like they were expected to. In addition to this, the study shows that they are also losing interest in Blogging, however, they love social networks like Facebook and are engaging with said social network via ‘cooler’ hardware such as laptops and netbooks as opposed to ‘old school’ desktop PC’s. In figures the data shows: 8% of Internet users ages 12 -17 use Twitter 73% of connected American teenagers use Social Networking sites like Facebook Why is Facebook more popular than Twitter among U.S. teens? The general consensus is that Facebook is more popular than Twitter because teenagers have more time to spend on Social Networking sites where they can browse their friends’ photos and videos. On the other hand, the older generation is able to engage with Twitter conveniently from their mobile phones, and quite frankly it is a less time-consuming Social Network. So who is more likely to use Twitter? A large portion of the individuals making up the numbers on Twitter belong to celebrities and corporations. Twitter has proven itself as an especially useful platform for companies to handle customer service/complaints. Right now, analysts can only estimate how many active users Twitter has. Some people sign up for the service, and then never return to tweet after a few initial bursts of activity. Many users also sign up for multiple accounts, causing further confusion. Josh Bernoff, an analyst at Forrester Research, estimates Twitter has somewhere between 14 million and 20 million users a month. Returning to Facebook – this Social Media platform currently has a lot more active users than Twitter, with about 350 million registered subscribers. Like Twitter, it has focused on growing its user base. Its initial attempts to create a new category of social advertising fell short, as consumers protested about privacy concerns. Savvy Internet Marketers should keep a close eye on the Facebook Vs Twitter stats. Certain products/services will be marketed better in the Twitter environment than Facebook and vice versa. WSI consultants are at the forefront of Social Media Marketing and they can help you use the right Social Media channels that will pay dividends in terms of: Exposing your business Reaching a targeted audience that want your products and services Creating brand awareness Helping you to engage with your prospects and existing clientele Contact Us today for Internet...

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Build trust with your website

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Most web surfers today is very sceptical. To make your website trustworthy and to build credibility, it is absolutely vital to take your website seriously as the web is an impersonal medium. If your website does not appear professional or credible, potential buyers will leave in seconds. There’s millions of websites. What will make users stay on your website? Your website is the building blocks for establishing yourself online. Most of the time, people will be looking at your online profile before conducting any business with you. This is human nature. People want to know who they are dealing with. Why not present them with a solution to problems they might be having? Find below a couple of tips to build trust with your website Clean Design Start your website with a clean design. A clean website design with useful information will make your visitors interested. Always avoid confusing your visitors. The navigation, design and information should be clear and to the point. Understand what your visitors are looking for and help them to accomplish their goals. Professional Development If you have a big website with allot of functionality, keep the website development professional. Always guide your visitors on logical steps on what to do next. Make sure everything works 100%. Quality Content Always keep your content unique and informative. The images and the words you use will the reflect the quality that you provide. The key is to show what great value your service or product is. Assure your clients Always assure your clients that your company is trustworthy. You can do this by including a privacy policy, guarantee or a return policy on your website. Join trusted organizations and place their logos on your website. You can also clearly show your address and phone number. Testimonials People will trust what other people are saying about you and your services. Positive customers that are specific are the most powerful. Include some of these testimonials on your website to increase your credibility. A website is a powerful business tool if utilized correctly. It is your image on the web. Leave a comment below if you want more information on how to build trust with your...

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Social Media Marketing and the internet viewing public

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The internet viewing public has changed and shifted to social media and trust based social networks and channels. Business marketing is following this new trend. You can find millions of conversations happening every day through various social media channels. This is all done by a highly involved audience that engages and interacts around focused topics. Individuals and companies that takes advantage of this trend can connect to their targeted audience and reap the benefits of increased visibility, increased sales, increased business leads and brand awareness. Companies must re visit their marketing assumptions to take full advantage of the internet evolution of Web 2.0 and social media marketing. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is very different than traditional marketing and businesses must understand this. Social Media Marketing is about broadcasting valuable content and about creating trust and relationships. Not about sales. If it is used correctly together with social media optimization (SMO), the sales and business leads will follow. Social media allows you to make your presence known on targeted social media channels and to promote your brand. These social media channels includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Digg, blogs, etc. The media can include video, images, audio or text. Every social media channel has its own rules of strategies and engagement that needs to be developed for each of your social media marketing strategies. Each of these channels allows you to access audiences that shares the same interest and viewpoints. What your business can expect from social media marketing. Recognition and attention for your company brands. Links to help with your SEO strategy. Increased targeted visitor traffic. The interaction with prospective clients and customers. Increased business leads through brand awareness. Increased visibility. Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimization is not something businesses can ignore anymore. It is a powerful marketing trend that more and more people are using everyday. Why miss the oppertunity to engage with your clients and potential customers? Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding social media...

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Reasons why some websites fail

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Reports in the past has shown that 80-90% of all new business websites and blogs will fail to yield successful results. What is even more frightening is that most of these websites could succeed if planned and executed correctly. Why do these new websites fail? What goes wrong? Find below a couple of reasons some new websites fail. Design over strategy Companies often spend most of their time planning how their website design will look. They don’t have a clue who their targeted audience will be or planned their messaging or a “call to action”. A good website design always starts with a strategy. Focus first on creating your stream of leads, online sales or quotation requests. No Traffic plan To think that you can only build your website and then visitors will flock to it is not true. It doesn’t work for business websites. Decide and plan your traffic sources such as organic searches, referral traffic or pay per click before you start with the design of your site. Organic Search Engine Optimization is much more effective when designed into a website from the start. It’s really not about you Usually the websites that brags about how great you are will quickly turn off visitors. People are searching for solutions to their problems. By boasting your achievements won’t solve your visitors problems. Don’t tell them about your new car, rather how to fix theirs. Organize your website so that the answers are easily found. Avoid industry jargon and use plain english. Flashy graphics Most Flash only websites looks cool but they are usually slow loading and search engines can’t index their content. It is ok to use Flash elements in your website for videos, banners, etc mixed with text content. Keep your website simple and focus on solving a problem for your visitor. After all “content is king”. Low cost design Don’t hire your best friend to design and develop your business website. They might receive some great experience from it but you can sacrifice your business image and the ability to drive targeted traffic to your website. Hire a professional development firm that is experienced in both development and design and website traffic strategies. Your website is a powerful business tool if utilized correctly. Don’t let your website...

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Visiting Avax OS in Atlanta

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I just landed in Atlanta this morning at 07h15 after a 17 hour flight on route to San Antonio to deliver Digital Marketing training on the 9-10 February for local WSI Internet Consultants. Luckily the flight was empty and I had 3 seats to myself, so a quick sleeping tablet to knock me out was in order. Vishay Singh from Avax kindly fetched me from the airport as I am, staying over for the night. A quick shower and I was off to work in his office today. Here I am in my Atlanta office:) As you can see I am trying to switch over to a Mac and still have to carry my Windows machine as a crutch but after this trip I will have switched over to the dark side as my IT guy keeps saying to me. Tomorrow I am a guest speaker to the WSI Atlanta Smurf club. Sounds strange but they are Internet Consultants. Well its 02:45 South African time and I am still going strong. I always try & stay up as late as possible to sleep in the right time zones to combat jet lag. I am looking forward to tomorrow as always. I really enjoy meeting other WSI Internet Consultants around the world. We are just one big...

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WSI Area Rep Training South Africa

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On the 24th February I will be conducting a training session for all WSI Internet Consultants in South Africa. We have a great turnout and will be meeting at the The Helderfontein Conference centre in Midrand We will be covering: How to conduct an online competitor analysis Preparing a cost effective online marketing proposal The benefit of online marketing education as part of the sales process Marketing your business with Blogs I look forward to meeting all the consultants especially those who are travelling, Andrew Foye, Francois Bezuidenhout, Astrid Fenton & Johnny Da Silva See you on the...

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Creating the best topics to blog about

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If you are in the process of starting up a blog for your business or developing a blog, the most basic answer you should ask yourself is “What topics should I write about?” Marketing with your blog (Social Media), requires that you always write content that your clients/customers will find interesting. Most blogging journeys begins by choosing the topics that your targeted audience will want read and that you enjoy to write about. Write titles for your blog posts that will get your readers attention. The title of your blog posts is most likely the first thing people will read and notice about your blog in search engine results, Blog Aggregators, Social Media channels (Web 2.0) and feed readers. To write the best and most effective topics, always answer these 3 questions. Whom are you writing to? What are they interested in? Why are you writing? Whom are you writing to? This will be your targeted customer. Do you only want to reach people locally or internationally? What interests your targeted customer? Do some research and look at other similar blogs in your industry. See what they are writing about and how they construct their blog titles and content. The best tips about blogging will usually come from other bloggers. What are you interested in? Write about a topic that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. It should always be a subject that your targeted customer is interested in. To get the best results, focus on a narrow niche and yet broad enough so you can write for a long time and still not run out of things to say. Why are you writing? By writing interesting and informative content that your readers find useful, you are branding yourself as the expert in your field. By doing this you can attract new customers, improve your search engine rankings or promote your services and products. There must always be one primary objective to create a focus on what you write. Now you are ready to select and create your blog topic. Remember to always write about topics that will reach people before they make the buying decision. As an example, if you own a travel agency, you could write a blog about the travel destinations that you are promoting. People will generally start thinking about the destinations before thinking about the hotel accommodation, flight tickets, etc. Why don’t you promote this information via your blog? This could be a great way to get people to make the buying decision. Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding Blogging or Social Media...

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Why small companies fail to market themselves on the web

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In the last couple of years, almost everything has changed in marketing. Traditional marketing with print yellow pages and newspapers is no longer effective. Yet most small companies have failed to convert to website and internet marketing according to a study done by Webvisible and Nielson in 2009. 63% of small business owners and consumers turns to the web for information about local companies. Only 44% of small business have their own website. Businesses that have a website spend less than 10% of their marketing budget online. This study shows clearly the need for small businesses to establish themselves online, yet 56% of them aren’t. Why do most small businesses fail to establish and market themselves online? What could the reason be for holding them back? Busy Small business owners don’t have the time to focus on learning this method (online) of marketing. Most of the time they spend their entire day to keep the business running. After all they are the expert in their field and business. Skills SEO and internet marketing is a new technology for many business owners. Trends and changes on the web happens at light speed. Most younger business owners and employees have an advantage here because they have been around technology and computers for most of their lives. Confusion There is so much information, opinions and misinformation out there. How can inexperienced novices succeed when the experts can’t agree? It is sometimes hard to get a grasp on things. Fear Usually people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Afraid of using a unfamiliar technology and presenting a poor image. Afraid of being taken advantage of. It can be tough jumping in when you don’t know the rules. What can these small businesses do? As a business owner you don’t need to become a Internet Marketing Expert. The basic marketing principals are the same ones that have worked for decades. These principals are just applied to a new technology. To start, lean the basics and how the strategies work. Hire someone to do the technical work. Let them explain in detail what will be done. Leave a comment below if you require more information regarding internet...

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SEO strategy for business blogging

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Blogging is a two level marketing strategy. With a business blog, by writing unique informative blog posts you can reach a group of interested readers that traditional marketing and your website couldn’t reach. With a blog you can generate a tremendous number of valid backlinks to your website and blog. Blog links Blogging is a powerful linking strategy. If you add unique and fresh content on a regular basis, you will be rewarded by the search engines with a more frequent updating and spidering of your organic SEO results. Content is king. Not only in internet marketing, but with blog marketing as well. Usually, bloggers are generous linkers that will readily link back to the materials they have found. They can also create permanent links (permalinks) to their regularly read blogs from their home page. A typical blogger creates posts on a regular bases. Blog writers that reads and responds to these posts and find them interesting and relevant will usually link to the original link of the blog posting called a “permalink”. This can provide a valuable one way backlink to the blog in what is called ““deep linking”.” Deep linking helps the entire blog website be elevated in importance with organic SEO results. For blog marketing to be effective, the content must be fresh and interesting enough to attract readers and be good enough to get other bloggers to link to the postings. This is why blog postings are so highly valued by the search...

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