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Your blog is a magazine of the future

Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Blogging | 0 comments

Business blog marketing is the process of promoting your business with a blog.  A blog is an excellent Web 2.0 tool. You can look at a blog as a magazine of the future and they have become a leading presence on the internet with all the social media activity involved. Blog marketing is also one of the best ways to learn and transmit industry specific news that will be available to the public as soon as you broadcast it. Blog marketing has become the joiner between

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Why you need a social media policy for your business

Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

Social media has been incorporated into our daily lives at the office and at home.  What is the first thing you do when you switch on your computer at the start of the day?  Open Facebook?  Start tweeting?  View some videos on YouTube? Read some RSS feeds? Are you using these social media tools to the best advantage for your business? A good well planned social media policy will create a better informed group of social media users within your company.  With the

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How to Make Your Business a Success Using On-line Marketing

Posted by on Feb 23, 2010 in Online Marketing | 0 comments

Business owners oftentimes feel like they are a chicken running around without a head. They spend 24+ hours a day trying to make their business a success. In today’s tough economic climate and with the “new” consumer prototype, it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to keep ahead of the game. What can the business owner do? First and foremost, stop and breathe or you will just be chasing your tail. There are so many options available on the Internet,

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Content Marketing with Squidoo

Posted by on Feb 23, 2010 in Online Marketing | 0 comments

Squidoo is a popular website with social media characteristics where members (sign up is free) can create pages about any topic. This is an excellent way to get additional exposure for your services, products, brand, blog or website. Squidoo is one of those free alternatives that should be used along with a website and a blog. The biggest challenge small companies face is “getting the word out” and to make them selves known to the world. With Squidoo i

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Social Media Public Relations and Damage Control

Posted by on Feb 23, 2010 in Online Reputation Management | 0 comments

Unlike traditional media (radio, TV, print) Social Media encourages a conversation scenario between customers and organisations. On the whole, the open conversation that Social Media channels have allowed for between business-consumer, consumer-business, and consumer-consumer is a good thing. It allows for the formation of more personal relationships between the man-in-the-street and the previously inaccessible corporate. However, if you’re running a business Social Media account it is inevitable that you’re going to get some negative feedback at some point. What’s worse is that everyone else that follows you is going to be able to see that there is a discrepancy. There is a few recovery steps you can practice so that you can diffuse the situation when it happens. Identifying the Type of Feedback Start by identifying the type of negative feedback you’ve received. There are four types of negative feedback you can receive on Social Media. Normal Problems – A customer has a problem with your product or service and has highlighted exactly what’s wrong. Although this is negative feedback, it is warranted and can help expose areas in your business that need to be looked at. Constructive Criticism – Some people will complain on your Social Media but will offer a solution to the problem they encountered. View these kind of comments as a kind of ‘Suggestion Box’ that is helpful rather than a nasty stab at your business. Merited Attack – An issue with your organisations product or service has made a customer very angry. They have decided to have a public vent on your Social Media. While the words they use may be scathing, their complaint is justified. Spam Attacks – You will be attacked on your Social Media channels for no valid reason. It is usually done in an effort to promote a competing product or service. Reacting to Negative Comments and Practicing Damage Control in Social Media Figure out what kind of feedback you’ve received by referring to the list above. Once you’ve done this you need to figure out how to respond politely and swiftly. The number one rule when responding to criticism in Social Media, even the negative type, is to stay positive. Responding to: Normal Problems – Always respond as quickly as you can to these queries. I believe it’s best to respond publicly (on your Social Media) and personally if you’re able to. If the problem has an extended timeline in order to be rectified then keep the customer (s) up to date with progress reports. Constructive Criticism – This also deserves a polite response even if you don’t plan on using the customers’ suggestion. You’ll build loyalty and trust by responding in a positive, thankful tone rather than ignoring the customer. Merited Attacks – This kind of negative feedback can be hard to deal with as the words used may overshadow the justified complaint. Bear in mind that a merited attack has its roots in a real problem and therefore deserves an educated, prompt and polite response. Use damage control here – offer a refund, discount or a freebie. Spam Attacks – It’s best not to respond to any kind of unwarranted spam attacks that may appear on your Social Media. Remove it as soon as you spot it. Depending on the severity of it, take steps to report...

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Host your blog on your own domain

Posted by on Feb 22, 2010 in Blogging | 2 comments

Many bloggers makes a major mistake with their blogs.  They use a free blogging service like or Blogger ( and they don’t use their own domain name or a dedicated domain for the blog. This is all well and fine but they lose the branding that comes from owning their own domain name.  After all, the objective of blog marketing is to brand yourself or your company as the experts in your niche industry. Your blog options from best to wo

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A good approach to Social Media Marketing

Posted by on Feb 19, 2010 in Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

What do most people and companies do wrong when they start marketing through social media channels? They lack specific objectives and a overall plan. They usually don’t know who they will be targeting. Forrester, a marketing research company created the acronym POST. This acronym is a methodology for companies to enter into social media marketing. The POST method helps to address common questions like “should my company have a presence on Twitter?”

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Using Social Media for Public Relations

Posted by on Feb 18, 2010 in Social Media Marketing | 1 comment

One of the advantages of using social media for business is that you get to meet all sorts of nifty people who share interests with you on both personal and professional levels. In today’s world full of new media and digital communication technologies, PR professionals have an immense opportunity to expand the reach of their messages using social media tools and applications. Social media has the potential to attract and hold the attention of a vast demographic of

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Reasons why your Business Social Media efforts aren’t giving you results

Posted by on Feb 18, 2010 in Social Networking | 0 comments

You heard about the Social Media buzz and what it could do for your business so you decided to get involved, after all it’s free marketing. However, 6 months down the line and the Social Media sites you’ve signed up with aren’t rendering the kind of results you would’ve liked. In this post I’ll outline a few points that could be contributing to the lagging results of your Social Media efforts. It is important to remember that Social Media is a powerful bus

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Simple steps to conduct a website analysis

Posted by on Feb 17, 2010 in My Insights | 0 comments

I receive requests frequently from business owners that would like me to look at their website and give an opinion on what I think. I am usually quite surprised on what I find. I always ask six questions before I conduct an analysis of a website. Initial questions:Are you happy with your site and online presence? What is the purpose of your website? Who do you want to reach with your website? Where do you want your traffic to originate from? What are you selling?

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