According to, there are currently 18.43 million eCommerce users in South Africa, with an additional 6.36 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021. Four years from now, these 24.79 million eCommerce users will spend an average of $189.47 online.

While these are all great future forecasts, what does it mean for your online shop this festive season? As online sales continue to grow, you need to make sure that you are taking advantage of the shopping frenzy that Christmas brings each year. To do this, consider the advice by Efi Dahan, the general manager of PayPal in Israel and Africa.

Efi told Money web that E-commerce in South Africa is growing by leaps and bounds. In February 2017 Efi said: “The main trends that the online payment company is seeing include growth in mobile spend due to increased mobile penetration in the country, and an increase in cross-border shopping as consumers are looking for a larger variety of products at a better price.”

“In terms of barriers, people are hoping to decrease the impact of shipping costs, which can be helped by using PayPal products like Refunded Return and Buyer Protection. We also believe that data shows a huge opportunity for South African merchants, as they have the potential to trade all over the world with minimal capital costs.”

Other things that you can do to drive traffic to your website include:

  • Paid search advertising,
  • Email marketing,
  • Mobile marketing, and
  • Social media marketing.

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