Customers can share their experience with your brand in an instant and if you are not proactively managing your online reputation, and this can lead to devastating consequences. While it’s not always possible to continuously browse social media sites and respond to all types of feedback, there are a few simple things that you should do to manage your brand’s reputation online:

Claim the top spots in Google

If someone types your company’s name or product names into Google, you want to make sure that you are occupying the top three spots with your own content (as opposed to user generated content). Your website content and social media profiles, for example, will give you an opportunity to manage what people see in Google. If you don’t have these digital properties, then a negative Hello Peter review could be claiming the top spot and that wouldn’t be the first impression you want to give search engine users.

Having a responsive web design

Most website visitors will immediately click away if they aren’t able to navigate your website. In this day and age, a responsive web design that works on different mobile platforms is a must-have. Your online reputation management starts with your digital shopfront, which is your site, so make sure you’re giving people a good experience.

Be a social listener

If you have social media profiles, then you need to respond to what people are posting to your brand and about your brand. If you don’t have these resources in-house, then hire community managers and social media managers to do this for you.

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