When last did you refer to the telephone book? Online marketing has taken over. Recent statistics show that by the end of 2015, South Africa had just under 25 million internet users. This increase in internet use also means an upsurge in both online marketing and e-commerce.

Whether your online marketing is aimed at expanding brand awareness, developing leads, or increasing sales, there are various parts of the whole that need to be addressed for a successful online marketing strategy:

Website design is a critical element of online marketing. Your site needs to be attractive and appealing, easy to navigate, representative of your brans, quick to download, and mobile friendly.

Paid Advertising
Incorporating pay-per-click advertising into your online marketing strategy is a good way to target people actively searching for what you offer. Together with the other aspects of your campaign, it also leads to an improved organic presence.

Insight into your marketing campaigns as well as your target audience is invaluable. Using data analysis tools to measure performance and track customers leads to optimised campaigns. From analysing your website’s performance to the different social media posts, monitor with the numbers.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the best way to get noticed online. Strategic inclusion of relevant keywords on your website pages is one of the ways to improve your website optimisation. Not only does this help to get your website ranked higher by search engines, but it can also bring down the cost of your paid advertising through a better quality score.

More than just written copy, content marketing in the online arena includes sharing compelling information with you audience through infographics, infomercials, videos, and podcasts too.

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