Email is an integral part of any digital marketing campaign. In order to maximize your next email drop, avoid these common mistakes:


  1. Sending emails to unwilling recipients amounts to spam. Maintain the integrity of your mailing list to improve email deliverability and performance.
  1. Lumping all your contacts into one big “To:” list prevents you from increasing your click through rates. By cleverly segmenting your email list, you have the advantage of being able to modify your message to tie in with the interests of each list.

Subject line

  1. This is where you make your first impression – and first impressions count. While you do want a strong subject line using excitement, humour, or anticipation to tempt your recipients to open; avoid spammy words and phrases such as “Urgent”, “Call Now!”, “Free”, or “Last Chance”.


  1. Including visual elements of your brand such as your logo, colour scheme, and relevant graphics reminds readers who you are. Be careful to avoid too many distracting elements which may take attention away from your content marketing.
  1. Don’t lay out your mail in too wide a format. Your readers do not want to have to use the horizontal scrollbar. You want to keep it as easy to read as possible; bearing in mind that mobile email is a rapidly growing channel.
  1. Avoid losing your audience. Use sections and signposts to clearly escort them through your content in a logical – and convertible – way.


  1. Overly promotional, spammy, and demanding emails are a no-no. When it comes to email marketing, sharing bite-sized chunks of relevant information is what your prospects want. Ensure that your content is appealing, germane, and thought-provoking. Above all, keep your readers’ attention by fulfilling a need they have. It’s not about you, it’s about them.
  1. Dull content is more likely to lull your prospects to sleep than get them fired up about your latest email. As part of your email marketing strategy, be sure to include visually engaging images. Always use the alt. tag to describe the picture in case the image doesn’t display.
  1. More is not more, so steer clear of flashing GIFS and other animated images.

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