There are many online marketing tools that can help you attract new visitors to your website, and increase your online exposure – from paid Facebook advertising, to Google Adwords and banner adverts. You’ve probably used, or at least heard of, all of these. But what about native advertising?

Native advertising is a relatively new form of online advertising, where adverts are designed to blend in with a website’s look and feel. This is a more unobtrusive form of advertising that is proving highly effective for a number of reasons:

Native advertising is cost-effective

Banner adverts on popular websites are often very expensive. At the same time, pay-per-click ads that target customers via Google keywords can also be costly, especially in competitive industries. Native advertising on the other hand often allows for much lower and customisable budgets, so that even small businesses find them financially viable.

Native adverts have a lower cost per click

Most native advertising platforms allow for very specialised targeting. This allows you to create adverts that are highly relevant to specific segments of your target market, and this high level of customisation results in a lower cost per click.

You’re also likely to attract more clicks when you use native advertising, as levels of engagement are far higher, as compared to traditional digital marketing. The reason for this is likely due to the unobtrusiveness of the adverts that are created to match the web design of the page on which they appear.

Native adverts are less likely to annoy website visitors

A lot of banner advertising is distracting and annoying for internet users, so much so that most people are aware of adverts in their peripheral vision but actually tune them out. Because native advertising is less in your face, and blends in with the design of the page on which they are placed, they are actually more likely to attract the attention of website visitors in a positive way.

Native advertising attracts genuine customers

Native adverts blend seamlessly into a website which makes them unobtrusive, however they are clearly marked as adverts so there is no deception involved. Internet users tend to avoid banner adverts, and a high percentage of click throughs from these adverts are accidental. With native advertising however, you’re assured that a large portion of customers click on your advert out of genuine interest.

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