With all the hype about social media, it’s easy to forget the importance of good old organic search traffic and the on-site efforts aimed at garnering the market on keywords. Organic SEO is alive and kicking thanks to some new challenges, particularly in relation to mobile. Mobile optimisation has the potential to bring in huge amounts of traffic, increase brand awareness and create a rock solid foundation for digital marketing efforts.

One of those challenges is a ‘first prize’ for a web page: Google’s Answer Box

What is Google’s Answer Box?

Many search queries are in the form of questions. So many in fact, that websites dedicated to answering every question under the sun, proliferated over the years. So many, that Google itself got in on the action and in 2015 it started returning answers in an ‘Answer Box’ in position 0 in the SERP – above all the results – a position once only filled by paid advertising.  In other words, Google is saying: here is the definitive answer to your question – the one we have decided is best.

Optimising for Mobile Search

Google doesn’t bring up Answer Boxes in response to all searches because it doesn’t always find an authority webpage that can answer the question and that is optimised in the right way. In addition, most answer boxes came up for searches on desktops. Far fewer Answer Boxes are returned for mobile search – again, due to optimisation. A web page has to be mobile optimised and the content presented in the correct way to have a chance.

There’s a wide open playing field for excellent content, optimised for the right keywords and perfectly optimised for mobile search, to achieve the coveted position of Position Zero in search results. Get it and traffic will flood in.

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