If the world hadn’t realized it before, the announcement of the development of the new Google Mobile-first Index reiterates just how serious the mobile revolution is. This index will still take a while to roll-out, however, Google’s main goal is to eventually use the mobile version of every website’s content to rank pages from that site, regardless of the device that is being used to browse the internet at any given time. Here’s everything else that you need to know:

  • The index is experimental 

At this point, Google is merely experimenting with the index. Once the results, and efficacy of the experiment, have been evaluated, Google will decide whether to make it a permanent part of their algorithm.


  • A mobile site is not essential 

If you do not currently have a mobile website, Google will continue to index your site using the desktop version. However, considering how imperative quality mobile marketing is nowadays, not having a mobile website will be detrimental to your digital marketing success. Along with this, it is important to note your website will also not benefit from the infamous mobile-friendly ranking boost.


  • Rankings shouldn’t change much – yet 

Until the index is made permanent (and only IF it is made permanent), Google representatives have stated that it should not affect rankings.


  • Expandable content is a great idea 

On a desktop, expandable content (i.e. content that expands when a user clicks ‘read more’) is not always recognized or indexed by Google. However, when expandable content is used on a mobile site, Google has announced that it will be giving all the content, even the hidden portions, full weight in terms of SEO value.


If you’re worried about how the new index is going to affect your business, or if you’re ready to join the exciting ‘mobile revolution’ and you need assistance with mobile optimization and mobile marketing in general, do not hesitate to get in touch with the WSI OMS team today!

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