Social media marketing is both a science and an art that requires plenty of trial-and-error at first. Luckily, WSI OMS is here to save you time by providing you with expert insight into the most common mistakes that businesses make on their Facebook page – and how best to avoid them.



  • Deleting negative feedback 

Deleting negative feedback makes it seem like you’ve got something to hide, and that you aren’t concerned with making sure that all your customers are happy with the products/services that you provide. Turn negative feedback into something positive by doing everything in your power to compensate for whatever reason your customer is feeling unhappy. The rest of your followers will appreciate and admire this more than you think.


  • Being inconsistent 

So many things in life are inconsistent – don’t let your Facebook page be one of those things! If you want to nurture your following and make sure that it keeps on growing, consistency is key. Post regularly, reply to comments and messages as soon as you receive them and do all that you can to encourage further engagement… the more creative you get, the better!


  • Posting too often 

Don’t be like that annoying friend on Facebook who posts a status update every time he or she visits the bathroom. Unless you make an effort to schedule your posts wisely, you run the risk of incurring more unlikes and unfollows:

  • Don’t post more than 3 per day
  • Don’t post all at once, rather schedule your postings throughout the day.


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