Social selling techniques aim to help you prospect for new leads; and also to enhance the reputation of your organization. When all is going well, it is a dream come true for marketers to use social media to promote your business. However, when a dissatisfied customer gets angry on social media, all eyes are on how you respond. Let us take a look at how you can turn a disgruntled client into a brand evangelist!


  1. Take a Breath 

It is natural to feel a tad defensive when someone attacks your company. The most important thing to remember when you are confronted with an angry customer comment on social media is to remain calm. Your response is more important than the complaint.


Take a deep, calming breath and peruse the comment again. Carefully examine the root of the problem, and determine how you can help.


  1. Document It 

Take a screenshot to document the complaint. You may need this to send on to a colleague for them to follow up, or you may want to keep it for future customer service training.


  1. Leave It 

Unless the remarks are derogatory or inflammatory, do not be tempted to delete the message. Being transparent gives you the opportunity to turn the situation around in public, and adds to your trustworthiness.


  1. Be Quick 

Responses are best sent within one hour. Even if there is still additional work or documentation that needs to be done, do not delay in an initial response.


  1. Be Calm 

Draft your response in a cool, calm, and collected manner. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and double check your tone before publishing.


  1. Monitor

Continue to track your social spaces to ensure that you have indeed addressed your customer’s dissatisfaction to completion.


Leverage the Influence of Social Media 

Do you need to use social media techniques to manage any negative press? The team at WSI OMS are waiting to get you and your business on track. Contact us for more information today.

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