If you’re launching an internet marketing campaign in an African country, you might want to consider how big a role another language plays across the continent. In many African countries, people are searching for content in French, Portuguese, Zulu and a host of other languages, so English shouldn’t necessarily always be your core focus.

Why direct translation doesn’t always work

Search engines, such as Google, will take search words and phrases and match them to the interpretation of content on relevant websites. So not only does your website need quality content, it needs to convey the correct meaning in order to rank high in search engine results. Here’s how you can use Localised Web Optimisation to your advantage in conjunction with your digital marketing campaign:

  • Rather than solely focusing on keywords, you should also focus on intent and context.
  • Test your site’s performance with voice and mobile search. These search methods are becoming more popular and you may find your website performs differently in a voice or mobile search.
  • Think about engaging your audience and keeping their attention rather than simply hitting all of your keyword targets.
  • Make it easy to share content from your site. Include buttons that allow a reader to e-mail or share something on social media quickly and easily.

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