Many believe that the SEO landscape is a dog eat dog world where big businesses dominate and small businesses fall short – unless they turn to local SEO, that is. By focusing their budgets and attention on appealing to and communicating with the local public alone, they are sure to see an increase in customer trust, brand awareness and a pretty awesome improvement in the form of their bottom line. Here are the 4 main types of businesses that would benefit most from local SEO:


  1. Medical Services 

Because the medical services industry is so specialised, the focus of local SEO should be on content marketing. Local medical professionals can make their businesses stand out by posting expert medical insights on their blog and social pages.


  1. Legal Services 

Obviously, when people need legal services, they will be searching for a law firm that is close to where they live or work, which means that they will almost always be using a location-based keyword in their Google search. Knowing this, all legal service professionals’ websites need to contain these keywords too.


  1. Restaurants 

The best way in which restaurants can make the most of local SEO, aside from using the right keywords, is to include patron reviews on their website. Did you know that about 60% of potential visitors read a restaurant review online before deciding to eat there or not?


  1. Plumbers 

More often than not, when searching for a plumber in your area, you are doing so because you have just been faced with an emergency. Knowing this, plumbers need to make their local SEO efforts stand out by assuring their potential customers that they will be there to assist regardless of the time of day (or night) that they are needed. Testimonials and content that is focused on providing solutions to common plumbing-related problems will also give these businesses a boost.


For help with mastering the art of local SEO, it is always a good idea to turn to WSI OMS. With our specialisation in SEO, content marketing and digital marketing in general, we have what it takes to ensure that everyone is talking about what you offer. Contact us today.

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