Online marketing’s buzz phrase is – without a doubt – SEO. The competition has become fiercer since Google cut the Top 7 to just three listings and businesses are vying with advertisements in the local space too. Let’s take a look at local Search Engine Optimisation and see what we should and should not be doing to get into Google’s highly prized Top 3.

On-site Optimisation and Links

Regularly review and correct your on page SEO elements. Contact details such as your business’s address are crucial to local listings so make sure yours is accurate. Don’t avoid doing a regular audit of all your information; results of a search can change daily. Observe the keywords your competitors are using and use better ones.

Key Elements

Local SEO really comes down to two factors: services offered and location, so your site should be very clear on those two important (and seemingly obvious) points. In simpler terms: you must clearly indicate the services you provide and the locations in which you provide them.

Here is a useful list of key on-page local SEO elements:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Header tags
  • Page content
  • Images
  • Map
  • Name, address and phone (NAP) on every page

Google will triangulate the address info on your site with info on Google My Business, and then cross check it with the info on your enterprise from around the web. The key elements to consider are:

  1. NAP consistency. Your contact details are your location fingerprint. You need this to be consistent around the web; although it may seem obvious, but it is vital that your telephone number – for example – is always written in the same format and not 011-555-1111 sometimes and (011) 555 1111 at others.
  2. Citations. These listings in business directories like the yellow pages and mentions on social media platforms. Keep your information consistent so Google can trust it.

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