Google+ recently introduced its new design and with it, a lot of functionality. The social media platform has gone through a huge transformation in 2013 and a lot has been added to better benefit the avid Google+ user. During the big makeover Google+ changed the layout, which now allows for much better visuals and timeline viewing with multi columns on your screen, making browsing through your posts much easier. Google+ also integrated this new layout design to their mobile version. Hashtags have also been brought to the fore for better navigation towards any interest you have and want to follow on the platform. The Google+ Hangouts has also been updated with photo sharing and messaging.

How the new Google+ can increase your social engagement

Add a Google+ Badge. The first step is to make sure your Google+ page can be easily found by your clients or even potential customers who just happened to stumble upon your website or blog. This makes it easier to gain fans and connections coming from all sources of your social media.

Optimise your Google+ page. This is also for the sake of being found by people interested in what you have to offer. Point it back to your website, make sure the ‘About’ section is filled in, compelling and informative. Add images to attract more fans. Use the hashtag to find and bring in people to add to your circles – keywords can help you target a relevant audience to add to your circles while simultaneously pointing people who search those terms to your page.

Focus on good content and be proactive with engagement. These two things go hand-in-hand. Good, interesting and informative content is great way to ensure loyal fans. Include beautiful visuals and hashtags that engage potential fans, like trending topics and engaging keywords that are related to your business.

Make use of Communities and cash in on the Google+ Hangouts. Communities can help you connect with people who share your interests and Hangouts work well for the loyal fans who would like to hear from you every now and again.

Google+ is more than just a social networking site, it your window to a bigger more effective world of social media engagement. Make sure you make it work for you.

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