As people post compliments, complaints and queries on social media, smart businesses have ensured that someone is monitoring the company’s social media accounts and responding to clients and potential clients on these networks. There are, however, a few critical customer service mistakes you could be making:

Not responding when somebody mentions your brand online

Whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus or any other social media networking site, you need to incorporate listening tools and analytics so that you are aware of the number of brand mentions your brand or business gets online. Respond to both negative and positive brand mentions within a 24 hour period.

Ignoring negative brand mentions

It might be easier to retweet a positive brand mention on Twitter, but don’t underestimate the power of a negative tweet that goes unnoticed. Respond to criticism and complaints on the public forum in order to show that your clients matter.

Using template responses

Social media is personal and people want to know that there is a real person behind the social media account. Don’t use template responses to reply to people and make sure the brand voice is personal and that responses are customised for individual interaction.

Not providing a quick solution

If your social media managers don’t have direct access to client accounts, product developers, technicians and service people within the company, then this is something which needs to change. It happens all too often that a brand’s social media account gives people the runaround by diverting them to different call centre lines. Empower your social media manager to solve problems quickly.

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