Mobile marketing can take your business to the next level, especially since studies have shown that more and more customers are using their phones, not only to tweet and like, but to check email, surf the net and shop.

Your mobile campaign is part of your overall marketing campaign and it therefore needs to tie in with your overall brand, but it also needs to be uniquely tailored to mobile users.

Don’t fall into the trap of making these five mobile-marketing mistakes:

1 – Using content that is not compatible across all devices

All cell phones are not created equally – make sure that all aspects of your website work on all types of mobile devices. Using content that is not mobile optimised will turn customers off. There’s nothing worse than googling your favourite website on your phone only to find an illegible scramble.

2 – Making the opt-in option complicated

Ensure that the opt-in option is user-friendly. Making users follow a complicated, 6-step joining programme will no doubt frustrate them and probably drive a few customers away. Keep it simple; keep it easy.

3 – Using too much content

Create unique content especially for mobile devices. Offer snippets of information that is precise and engaging. Mobile users don’t spend hours browsing; they are on and off their devices, so avoid streams of copy.

4 – Using a QR code that leads to nowhere

If you are going to direct users to a twitter feed, or website, via a QR code, make sure the content you are offering is worth the journey. If people are taking the time to scan a code they want to get something out of it.

5 – Not enabling social autofill

Demanding lifestyles means most people cherish their time – don’t expect them to waste it with tedious, unnecessary tasks. Allowing users to fill out a form using their social media accounts is the BEST thing about mobile devices. The time for filling in forms is over.

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