The yellow pages are dead. If you want your small business to attract new customers, you need to start hanging out where your customers are – online. Cost-effective and targeted, with digital marketing you can make sure you’re reaching and connecting with the right people and that you are making the most of your investment.

Why You Should Consider Digital Marketing:

· Data Beats Opinion

Small businesses that make the most of digital marketing not only position themselves where they can be seen, in front of potential customers, but they also equip themselves with the tools to track marketing efforts. This then offers them far more information as to where to focus their future marketing efforts going forward, which of course means they can make even better use of their marketing budget, while tracking their return on the investment.

  • Everyone’s Talking

When it comes to digital marketing, word of mouth continues to be a primary driver for customers, with most people saying reviews and endorsements play a role in their buying decisions. Here, social media provides a platform for people to “meet” and share their thoughts on brands and experiences. With the growing power of social media influencers as well, it’s clear that what people are saying online about your company is not something you can ignore. Fortunately, social media also affords small business owners the opportunity to get involved in the conversation, to reply to posts and comments and to turn potential bad reviews into opportunities to build trust and loyalty.

  • More Bang for Your Buck

Compared to traditional methods of advertising, digital marketing is far more cost-effective. An email or social media campaign can easily communicate the same message for less than a TV, radio or newspaper advert, and it has the potential to be shared all over the world. It’s an enormously powerful communication medium and if you’re not on board, sadly, you’ll be left behind.

  • The Power Is in Your Hands

Digital marketing is easily manageable. This means that unlike conventional methods of advertising, which are set in stone once they go live, digital marketing allows you to make changes on the fly. You can add new offers, swap out images, change the copy and send your content out via a multitude of different methods in response to real-time results.

It’s important to realise that digital marketing does not mean that if you’ve got a website, you’re sorted. Rather, it involves a whole host of tactics from the actual web design itself to search engine optimisation (SEO), link building, content marketing and social media marketing. If you need help to pull your digital marketing strategy together, contact us today to find out how we can help you grow your business online.

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