If done right, content marketing can help create and maintain a positive standing for a business within the digital marketing realm. According to the WSI OMS team, there are a few things you should change about your content marketing strategy to achieve better results and increase your following:


  • Make it All about the Audience

While promotional content has its time and its place, the type of content that usually performs the best is the content that is all about the audience. It needs to be useful, it needs to be interesting and it needs to elicit a reaction (hopefully a positive one!). For example, while you find your hair and beauty company’s inception story extremely interesting, the majority of your followers will not. However, on the other hand, tips on how to avoid frizz and articles explaining the latest makeup trends will result in more likes and shares.


  • Tone-down the SEO 

By all means, throw in a few keywords and a couple of links here and there, but be careful not to do it so often that it overwhelms your audience. For the most part, if the piece of content is of good quality and your audience is enjoying engaging with it, most of the SEO will take care of itself as Google will recognise this instantly. In short, less is more!


  • Worry More about Consistency than Quantity

There is a ‘more, more, more’ attitude that exists throughout the world, often leading to companies believing that to ‘stay on the map’, they need to be churning out content like there’s no tomorrow. However, this approach won’t win you anymore followers, nor will it improve your SEO rankings – especially if quality has taken a knock in the process. Consistency in terms of quality, as well as when and how often you post, is far more important.


Looking for content and digital marketing expertise? For professional assistance with your content marketing strategy, do not hesitate to get in touch with WSI OMS.

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