If you have a digital marketing strategy, you’ll know that data is key. A strategy that includes content marketing and search engine optimisation often gives you a wealth of information on your customers. So how can you use all of this data in a meaningful way to connect with potential customers through personalised marketing?

Use tools to keep things simple

With so much data coming in as a result of your digital marketing, it can feel a little overwhelming. There are however tools and apps (some of them free) that can help you organise and manage your customer data, making it easier for you to see where you can personalise your marketing. Do a Google search for tools specific to your industry, or alternatively outsource your digital marketing to a company such as WSI and make your life simpler.

Use different sources for your data

Don’t make the mistake of only using data from one source – cross referencing information can give you a much clearer picture of what your customers want. You can also then target customers across platforms based on their online activity – for example, if many of your Facebook followers enjoy the outdoors, you can use this trend for specific SEO targeting in a Google AdWords campaign,

Use timing to your advantage

The thing about online marketing, is that it moves quickly and in order to use it to your advantage you need to keep up. A clever digital marketing strategy will be able to pull real time customer data and use this across platforms. For example a person who is searching for fashion can then be targeted through social media marketing with Facebook adverts for online fashion shops in their area.

Use your website data to make repeat sales

When all is said and done, your most important tool is your website itself. While other digital marketing tools are aimed at drawing visitors and potential customers to your website… your website is where it actually all happens. Once customers have made contact or a purchase via your website, you can use information on this activity to promote related services or products personalised to their purchase history.

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