What skills will you need to become a data analyst? This will depend on your current skill-set and goals. Here is how to pursue your new-found career:

If you have no work experience, you don’t need to despair. With data analytics still being a new field of digital marketing, many digital marketing companies are hiring graduates straight out of college and training them in-house. Many times, businesses need a fresh pair of eyes to look at their business problems without any preconceived biases. The biggest advantage is that you can be moulded and trained to fit their business needs.

Without past experience, it is good to focus on developing your statistics and mathematical abilities and learning the relevant coding languages and tools (such as machine learning algorithms, hypothesis testing, Python and MS SQL) to make sure you can hit the ground running in your new role.

If you have some work experience in a non-technical role, then you can still transition to data analytics. If you are looking to move into a data analytics role within the company that you are currently working for, then you will already have a solid understanding of the business, its customers and perhaps even its business problems. You can start as a data visualiser and focus on picking up the technical and statistical skills as you go along. You can also participate in online competitions and hackathons to improve your coding abilities. 

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