Everyone knows that quality content is key to every great content marketing strategy. However, even if your content is interesting and well-written, that’s only half of the battle won. You need to actually convince people to read it first! Here’s how…

  • Pay Attention to Your Headline 

This is obvious… but it is often tackled with the wrong approach. An attractive, enticing headline doesn’t need to rely on sensationalism or make false claims to get more clicks (in fact, it shouldn’t!). You should be making your headline count by ensuring that it is specific enough, that it promises the potential reader something (and delivers on that promise within the body of the text) and that it veers away from the conventional.


  • Pay Attention to Formatting 

Overwhelming your potential readers with a 6-foot-long paragraph is NEVER a good idea. However, this is not to say that you should avoid writing long blog posts. The secret lies in the way in which the blog post is formatted. It needs to be formatted in such a way that it encourages the reader to continue reading. This is usually achieved by ensuring that you use plenty of white space in between each paragraph (try to keep paragraph lengths as short as possible with a maximum of 6 sentences each) and making use of attractive, relevant images throughout.


  • Pay Attention to the Details 

Your blog post is not the only thing that needs to attract and entice. You also need to pay attention to the quality of the social posts that are going to be used to direct potential readers to the blog post itself. Short, punchy descriptions are best. With a bit of paid advertising, you can make sure that all the right people are exposed to it and, as a result, your blog too!

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