Emojis are graphic ideograms used in social media platforms and it is now being used as an e-mail marketing technique. It works in that it sets your e-mail apart from the rest, increasing its visibility and ultimately the amount of traffic you have reached. Your business can benefit from this form of e-mail marketing. Here are three tips for using Emojis in e-mails:

  1. Your target audience is the most important aspect to consider. This form of e-mail marketing is not appropriate for every business and you should therefore know the needs of your target audience. Although it is dependant on the industry in question, Emojis have been proven to increase e-mail open rates.
  2. You need to know which Emojis are appropriate for your e-mail. You cannot simply insert any Emoji. It must be relevant to the message you are conveying. It should market the written content of your e-mail.

For example, if your e-mail’s purpose is to provide clients with your contact information, you can use a telephone emoji as it is relevant to the content of your e-mail. Likewise if your e-mail serves the purpose of an invitation, there are numerous emojis to choose from.

  1. Consider the different platforms. Some people access their e-mails from a laptop, other from a desktop and some from mobiles or tablets. You therefore need to consider the outcome of your chosen Emojis. It may present itself in the form of other symbols and might in that case, not be worth adding to your e-mail.

Emojis can be hugely successful providing you apply the three principles above. It is an innovative and recent trend in e-mail marketing and could be a trendy addition to your future e-mails.

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