Search engine optimization (SEO) is normally quite straightforward. We identify how people search for our product or services online, then we optimise our websites and content to match those searches to make sure Google can find it. In theory, that’s when the traffic should start to roll in.

But what do you do when you’re doing everything right, but you just can’t get your ranking to go any higher? Or what if you’ve got pretty good search volume but the powers that be want more, even worse, what if there’s no search volume at all!

Believe it or not, rather than trying to rank higher, it is possible to build your organic traffic by increasing the overall size of your market.

  1. Look for opportunity

Keep your eyes open for uncompetitive verticals next to your own, as you’ll be at an advantage with your established brand over new startups in these spaces who will struggle to compete. Once you’ve come up with related products, you can do basic keyword research, look at the existing ranking pages and ask yourself if you could do better. Then you can start testing the waters with simple landing pages or white-labeled products.

  1. Educate your customers

There might be a whole group of potential customers who don’t understand or feel comfortable with the product or services you offer. For example, some people might be wary of buying online or without face-to-face advice, which is what might be causing them not to buy from you. Offering special deals and educating these potential customers as to the benefits of your product or doing business with you could make them feel safe and supported and encourage them to buy online, when they might otherwise have bought in a store.

  1. Get people excited

Get personalities or social media influencers involved who will bring their own followers and enthusiasts to your pages, as people search for them online. Whether it’s searching for information or entertainment, these queries could potentially be turned into buying intent, but more than that, they’re building brand awareness for your company. After all, when consumers engage with a brand emotionally, then you’re more likely to be top-of-mind.

  1. Tell people you exist

Sometimes the simplest reasons are the most logical – people may never have heard of your product or service. In which case, you need to appear where they’re hanging out online. Take the time to do target your audiences and make sure you’re seen.

Search engine optimisation is a key part of any digital marketing campaign. If you need help being found on the internet, then give us a call today to find out about our full range of digital marketing services, including content marketing and social media marketing.

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