Paid online advertising or Pay-per-click advertising with Google Adwords, is an attractive option to get traffic to your site, but if it’s not done properly, you could be throwing money away needlessly. Here’s how to make the best of your PPC advertising.


Keywords and Analytics for PPC ROI

  • Be flexible and prepared for on-going keyword research, analytics, tests and adjustments. Experiment a little to see not only what keywords bring you customers and what don’t, but create ‘landing pages’ for the click-through from specific ads to gauge how users behave once on your site. Do they bounce of or start navigating your website? What ‘call to action’ on a page gets results?
  • Ensure click-through is of value – from people who are looking for exactly what you offer. It’s no good for SEO or ROI if they bounce off your site, and why pay for clicks that seldom if ever generate conversion – either contact or sales? Do this by sacrificing click-through quantity for quality. Use ‘long-tail keywords’ (descriptive phrases containing several single keywords) that describe precisely what you offer, not short-tail or single keywords that better describe the category of what you offer – and that will cost you a fortune. Do it from the start – you are paying for each one, so better ten clicks a month that generate no sales than a hundred clicks that generate no sales.
  • Use customer feedback (such as checkout comment or query boxes) with survey tools to gain insight into language they use to search and what they value – and might search for again.

Integrated digital marketing

  • Use ‘organic’ SEO and Adwords together for an integrated campaign. Site analytics along other user metrics gained over time through an ‘organic’ SEO campaign will help you maximise your PPC campaigns reach and efficacy.
  • For large campaigns, Demand Site Platforms automate your ad bidding, place your media and collate PPC and other user data.
  • Use a professional company to manage your paid advertising, taking care of all of the above along with SEO, app, site and mobile site development and digital and social media marketing. An integrated approach is an investment in maximum ROI. In the digital world, many hands may not make light work, but there’s no doubt they do make the most efficient, skilled and ultimately cost-effective team work.

The above are just some tips on getting the most from your paid advertising. There’s a lot more to it…and as the online world and the unique reach it gives advertisers evolves, there’s bound to be more to it every year.

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