With its increasing popularity, Black Friday is one holiday you cannot afford to ignore. The biggest shopping day of the year, whether you’re in retail or business, customers are going to expect some sort of discount or special offer from you. The good news is there is still time to get your digital marketing plan in order and to create an exciting campaign!

Top Digital Marketing Tactics for Black Friday:

  1. Hype it up: Timing is everything! Build hype leading up to Black Friday with posts about your deals on social media. Make sure your deals are above and beyond any other offers you might have run earlier in the year so that consumers will really feel like they’re getting an unmissable deal. This will not only give consumers the chance to plan their shopping ahead of time, but it will make them feel valued and in-the-know. Google Ads will also work to supplement your social media strategy by building awareness of your brand in search results, while also potentially driving traffic to your website.
  2. Email it: Say what you will about email marketing, but it works! And it works even better when your emails are designed for mobile, which then clicks through to a website for ease of conversion. Three-quarters of Black Friday emails are opened on a mobile device. So, make sure you’re catering to popular preferences and enable your customers to shop online if they want to. As with the point above, it’s also key to implement your email marketing at least a week before Black Friday and then keep your content coming throughout the weekend.
  3. Pay for it: Like it or not, organic social posts just don’t have the reach that a paid post does. Use paid social ads for maximum impact over this key period to give your content marketing a boost and potentially reach new audiences. Then drive these customers to dedicated landing pages with special discount codes, making it easy for them to convert. Now, the cost per click is likely to be quite high at this time of year, but you can get clever with local-based words and long-tail keywords. If it all seems too overwhelming, a professional can help you figure out which ones would be best.
  4. Get creative: Creativity plays an important role when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd and get them to choose you. Build anticipation with eye-catching visuals and persuasive copywriting that create a sense of urgency and excitement – post countdown messages, hint at the discounts you might be offering and keep them waiting to find out more. Then make sure your communication ends with very clear calls to action that tell your audience exactly what they’re meant to do next.
  5. Be exclusive: Set up a dedicated Black Friday landing page on your website. You can then drive your loyal email subscribers to this landing page and offer them exclusive deals that will make them feel like they’re valued and appreciated by you and that they’re getting something nobody else can.
  6. Engage: Make sure all your marketing channels are connected, as Black Friday is a huge opportunity to drive engagement and conversions. Ensure your email content mentions your social media profiles and share your emails on your social media too in order to drive sign-ups. It’s all about closing the loop!

If you need help to ensure your digital marketing strategy is on point for Black Friday, then give us a call. From social media marketing to content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), link building and website design, we can do it all! Contact us to find out more about our digital marketing services today.

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