Ask any digital marketing expert and they will tell you that social media is the best tool to use if your goal is to create hype around and share important information about an upcoming corporate event. However, social media marketing is not the only tool at your disposal. You can also embrace the power of email marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing in the form of blogs and good old-fashioned word of mouth. Here are our best tips:

• Give them what they want

The first step to creating a successful digital marketing campaign for your corporate event is to research the target market interested in attending. Once you have done that, it is just as important to identify their needs, wants and desires in terms of the said event – then nurture these with the right approach to inbound marketing.

• Put some money behind it

While it is possible to create an organic digital marketing campaign for the event, it is unlikely that you will manage to reach nearly as many people as you would if you put some money into your efforts. Facebook and Twitter advertising is great as it is easy to target your audience and keep an eye on your progress.

• Create a marketing web

As mentioned, don’t rely on one digital marketing tool to get the word out there: create a content web that includes multiple tools working together – from social media to blogging and paid advertising. The more you put out there, the better your results and eventual turnout will be!
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