Social media sharing, like any aspect of marketing, requires a plan and a strategy to be successful. Building your blog audience to generate more traffic to your website is quite achievable, especially if you follow some basic guidelines.

The starting point would be to identify which social network you want to focus on. More and more pop up each month, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to feature on each one. Using too many networks can result in little interaction, so it’s worth singling out the platforms that you think most of your audience would use. Unsurprisingly, the Big 5 of social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. A blog more professionally geared would get more traction on LinkedIn, but a visually heavy blog would get be better posted on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

There are a number of tools out there to assist you with automation of sharing. For sharing on multiple platforms, automation is an invaluable tool. WordPress Sharing, Buffer and are all great tools for getting your new posts automatically shared to a few select social profiles, so you won’t have to do it manually.

Repost your blog content – when you’ve been blogging a while, you will have a sizeable collection of articles, some of which will be evergreen. Reposting allows you to breathe new life into old content, especially if it was awesome the first time round. Change the headlines and check any details that may need updating.

Putting social sharing buttons on your blog is an easy way for your followers to share your content, but limit yourself to three – any more than this will confuse the reader and slow down your page speed.

Share lines or snippets of your blogs posts on Twitter or Facebook, without linking the full post. It’s a temptation thing – if the lines are good enough, people will go to your blog anyway. You can also share quotes, statistics or handy tips; the use of short and to the point posts without numerous attached links will be appreciated by your readers.

Use hashtags. Identify popular and relevant hashtags for your blog post and use them. is a useful service for finding well-liked hashtags.

Viral Content Buzz is a free service to get social shares for your content. You join a community of people that help share blog posts. By sharing other people’s content, you build credits that you can then use to have other people share your posts.

Hopefully, with this information, you’ll be able to build a bigger audience, and drive more traffic to your website. Contact us if you’d like to discuss more options on social media marketing.

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