By Francois Muscat

What happens when you Google your name, your brand or your product’s name? If you don’t have complete control over what people read about you, then you’re not off to a good start when it comes to building your online presence. Here are a few things that we did to make sure that Jason Scholtz’s search results contain information that was published by him:


  • Social media profiles

Social media websites already rank well in Google. Therefore, if you want to make sure that people find information about you that you have approved when they search your name, it’s worth your time to create complete profiles on all the top social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.


  • Blog posts

A blog is a way to share information about yourself online. You can write how-to articles, checklists, opinion pieces about market trends or share case studies about projects that you have worked on. Optimise these blogs for your name or brand name and you have another way of publishing content that stands a chance of ranking well in search results.


  • Share information and contribute helpful advice on other platforms

Commenting on other blog posts or becoming an author on article-publishing platforms such as can go a long way in getting your name to rank well in search results. Find out which blog posts are popular, influential and rank well in your industry – then make sure you are contributing helpful advice to these online communities.


These are just a few of the ways that Jason Scholtz has succeeded in building an online presence. Contact WSI OMS for more information today.

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