Everyone wants to be on the first page of a Google search. It’s probably one of the most common requests that digital marketers receive. While taking the top position on a search engine (or as close to the top as possible) is by no means easy, the beauty of search engine optimisation is that it can be targeted by country, province and city. This increases the likelihood of a high Google ranking, as many internet users refine their search according to location. Building a successful national SEO strategy is hard work, however the basic principles are quite simple:

Keyword research is essential

Identify keywords specific to your brand that are more likely to result in a conversion (a purchase online, contacting your company via online tools etc). Keyword popularity is not necessarily an indicator of how well they will work for you, so thorough research is required.

Optimise your website

An important part of the website design process is what happens behind the scenes – the optimisation of the website based on your chosen search terms. Items that should be optimised include the title tag, meta description, images, and header tags. Your actual site content should be written with SEO on mind, but should still be interesting and relevant for visitors to your site.

Keep directory listings up to date

Getting your site listed on the top directory listings in South Africa is a great way to reinforce your digital marketing strategy. It’s best to focus on a few well known listing sites as quality is far better than quantity, and listings on lesser known sites don’t actually do much for search engine optimisation. Make sure that your contact and address information is consistent across your website, directory listings as well as location accounts such as Google + Business.

Engage in relevant link building

A link building strategy is essential for SEO that continues to provide results. While it is possible to purchase ‘link packages’ that flood links to your site throughout the web, a natural link building process that builds high quality, relevant links is the kind of thing that search engines like to see, and will reward with higher rankings. Ensure that your content (on your website and across social media) is engaging and encourages sharing to fuel organic link building.

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