“Online communities” have been the top priority for many businesses and digital marketers over the past few years. But with an online community comes online community management, content calendars, copywriting, and social media reporting. Is it all really worth it? Yes, and here’s why: 

It helps customers get more value from your products and services

Consider how tech-related online communities, such as those of Apple or open source coding like Linux, increase the number of people who start using the products or services. In these cases, the communities are a source of knowledge and they address questions and challenges that other people face.

Get feedback

In the past, if you wanted to find out where your product development or customer service initiatives were falling short, you would have to contract a market research company or wait for your company’s annual survey. Thanks to social listening tools and online communities, you can get instant access to the opinions and thoughts of your customers and target audience.

Have more control of online conversations

If people are discussing your brand, products or services, then you need to be a part of the conversation. Not only does an online community give you a platform to share information about your company, but you can foster support from your target audience and rectify negative perceptions as well.

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