At WSI, we put bets on how soon a new client will ask us, “How long will it take for my website to be on top of Google?” It is the main aim of search engine optimization after all, so it is a perfectly good question. The problem comes in when we try to answer it though. Seems, “It depends” is not a very popular response!


A More Quantifiable Answer

In an attempt to be as specific as possible despite the myriad variable, we have examined historical data from our years of experience. We started by analyzing the age of the current top-ranking pages. According to recent research, the typical Top10 ranking page has been around for two years and up. The average age of websites that rank at top position are around three years old. So if you are feeling a bit impatient about your ranking position, do not be disheartened, as only 22% of pages currently ranked in the top ten on Google were created within one year. That equates to 5.7% of “young” websites across the board.


How to Boost Your Chances as a Young Web Page

While you need not be discouraged by your website’s ranking at the moment, there is every reason to aspire to be one of those 5.7%. The key to boosting your ranking is to strategically use every tool in your toolbox. From a well-designed website, to accompanying social media marketing, and regular email marketing, having the right approach will concentrate your efforts for maximum effect.



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