A successful PPC campaign is all about the right ads paired with the right keywords and an epic landing page – right? Wrong! If you are to make the most of your Adwords budget, it is also extremely important that you know how to identify your top competitors and how to keep an eye on them. We discuss in more detail below.


Don’t waste your time doing this manually. There is a perfectly capable tool provided by Google themselves within the Adwords interface that will help to make your life so much easier – and it is called Auction Insights. Find it by logging into Adwords, clicking on one of your campaigns, clicking on “Details” and, below “Auction Insights”, click “All”. The Auction Insights report will supply you with information including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The Position above Rate: How frequently one of your competitors’ ads ranked higher than yours.
  • The Top of Page Rate: How frequently your ad shows at the top of a search results page compared to your competition.
  • Average Position of Ads: The average position that your ad appears on search results pages.
  • The Overlap Rate for Ads: How frequently your ad has been shown on the same page as one of your competitors.


The main reason why you should be ‘spying’ on your Adwords competitors is to establish what’s working and what isn’t. It is a great way in which to inspire yourself to improve your ads so that they accumulate more clicks, and to improve your landing page so that you are able to reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversions. In short, making your PPC efforts stand out will become easier than ever before!

Lastly, another reason why keeping an eye on your competitors is so important is because you can bet almost anything that they are already spying on YOU!

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