These days, it’s essential for any business to have a digital marketing strategy to build an online presence and create awareness on social media and other digital platforms. But, there is so much competition out there, so how do you stand out?

One way is to look at your content, as publishing high quality material that is truly relevant and beneficial to your customers (whether it’s on your website, or through social media) helps to build trust and generate interest. Developing a regular podcast as part of your marketing strategy is one way to ensure excellent content that many of your competitors may not be using.

These are just a few reasons why adding a podcast is great for your online marketing:

Audio content allows for multitasking

Unlike text or video content, a podcast allows people to listen while engaging in other activities such as driving or exercising. This makes it more convenient to use and an enriching rather than distracting experience.

Podcasts allow for interesting formats, such as interviews

Interviews will always be popular content whatever the medium. Podcasts naturally allow for engaging interviews with industry experts and panel discussions that are interesting for your listeners.

Audio is personal and builds trust

There is something very intimate about hearing someone’s voice. Your listeners will pick up on your passion, integrity and sincerity through a podcast – more so than through video. This type of personal connection builds trust in you first, and leads to trust in your products or services.

iTunes and Stitcher can help increase your reach

Podcasts are typically published on platforms such as iTunes and Stitcher, which actually function as search engines for people who are looking for music, or podcasts on specific topics. Your podcast is more likely to be seen in an iTunes search than a Google search, which increases exposure for your business.

There is not as much competition

Even though podcasts are gaining popularity, it is still an area of content marketing that is underused. What this means is that while in other areas of digital marketing your industry may be saturated, with podcasts you could well have the opportunity to become the ‘go-to expert’, while standing apart from your competitors who are not producing audio content.

Audio content is cost effective and easy to create

It is far quicker to record yourself speaking than it is to write and edit a blog. A podcast is also less expensive to produce than high quality video posts. All you need is a microphone, and software to record, edit and save your podcasts.

An opportunity for a strong call to action

At the end of every podcast, you should consistently be using a strong call to action (such as visiting your website). Use the same words and format every time, and be sure that the directions are easy to follow. This ensures that your podcasts actually deliver real results and helps you to acquire new customers.

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