Part of having a successful social media strategy is being able to keep up with the world around you, especially with what your target market is reading, watching or listening to. This may not seem important but it really is. Tying your content to current news will always work to your advantage by keeping your readers well-informed and on their feet – if you are a good source for news and new developments in your field, you will gain much trust.

Staying on top of all your social media platforms is not an easy feat but Hootsuite has been helping us do so, with its Hootsuite Dashboard that features all your social networking sites at the click of your button. Now Hootsuite has introduced a new feature to make your experience even better and your social media functionality even more efficient. Yes – that is possible. With the untimely death of Google Reader the scramble to be the new number one RSS reader (between Feedly, Digg, AOL, etc.) has been a massive rat race. With Hootsuite getting into the game, it might be easier for some social media marketers to choose sides.

Hootsuite has added The Hootsuite Syndicator which works by bringing your RSS feeds into your Hootsuite Dashboard. In this way, all the content you save from your favourite websites is featured on your dash as streams with all your other social platforms. The most important feature of the Hootsuite Syndicator is that you can now very easily share interesting and engaging news about your field straight into any of the social networks on your dash.

The new Hootsuite Syndicator is definitely a dream for social media on-the-go. Your Social Media presence is important and with all the streams you need to keep it flowing, Hootsuite Syndicator should make Hootsuite your new best friend!

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