The amount and nature of dialogue you have with potential or existing customers will determine the success of your digital marketing efforts and business in general. You need to lay down strategies which help you to hold effective dialogue with them. These can help advance your social media marketing goals.

Here are some strategies to help you with that:

  1. Identify the core issues

You need to invest enough resources to engage your users in constructive dialogue about your company, products and services. Whether it is investing money and/or time, you need to keep introducing new and innovative techniques of engaging them, in order to get feedback, for instance, giving free products if people participate in surveys.

You need to identify the most important things which will be pursued through the dialogue. For instance, get to know from customers, the most important acquisition channels, clarity of your value proposition, frequency of use of the product/service and if they are recommending your products to other people.

During the interviews, administer some credibility tests about the issues you are talking about with the targets. For instance, if you are building a solution for TV fans, ask for a list of shows they view throughout the week. You need to understand that the purpose of administering questions in short interview sessions is to understand people better and not make them assume a product designer’s role.

  1. Establish points of interactions

Mixpanel, Hotjar and Google Analytics are some of the tools which can help to establish the kind of customers you have; the loyal ones and those who drop the product at a certain point. Identify your power users and forge a critical relationship with them.

Through tools such as Rapportive – a browser extension – you can discover the profession, position and location of your contacts, which helps build a more reliable customer profile about them.

While you are out to understand their problems, ensure you deal with various friction points such as sending them a link for additional information about payment procedures. In addition, ensure to use as many communication channels as possible, especially because different people pay attention to different channels at different times. Although many people do not like displaying phone numbers on their websites, you can display it to serve emergency needs.

  1. Collect, manage and interprete data

One of the most important issues in understanding and managing client communication is collecting and interpreting data. Use platforms and tools such as Evernote and Typeform that not only allow you to record data, but also to share it on the Cloud and on many other platforms. Besides, you can record conversations such as calls and messages for business use. Recordit, for instance, is another tool which can help record the screen during conversations and help you to either share it or save it for future reference and interpretation.

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